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〈TWD〉China’s unblocking drives funds back to 2 liters to close at 30.691 yuan |

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〈TWD〉China’s unblocking drives funds back to 2 liters to close at 30.691 yuan |

Trading volume in the Taipei foreign exchange market today (27) is still sluggish. The buying and selling of foreign exchange is dominated by domestic funds. As it is the end of the year, exporters have substantial demand for foreign exchange sales. Cent or 0.06%, closed at 30.691 yuan, the total transaction value of Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange markets was 1.0915 billion US dollars.

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar has recently shown a pattern of range consolidation. Due to the closure of the major stock markets in the United States and Europe and the holiday of foreign capital, the overall transaction momentum is weak. The exchange rate has been hovering around the 30.7 yuan level. Not much, closed at 30.691 yuan, a slight increase of 1.7 cents, the turnover of the Taipei foreign exchange market was 761 million US dollars, and the turnover of the Yuantai foreign exchange market was 330.5 million US dollars.

Taiwan stocks opened higher today, rising more than 100 points at one point, standing at 14400 points. Weight stocks generally rose. However, TSMC, shipping, and tourism stocks converged in late trading. The weighted index rose 43.3 points and closed at 14328.43 points. Staying on the 5-day line, the transaction value was 125.242 billion yuan. Foreign investors bought back more than 3.783 billion yuan, and terminated the 2 consecutive sells.

China has fully unblocked. From January 8 next year, the nucleic acid testing requirements for entry will be abolished, and quarantine measures will not be implemented for infected persons. Chinese citizens can travel abroad.

Looking at the performance of major currencies against the US dollar, the Singapore dollar appreciated by 0.45% today, the Korean won appreciated by 0.27%, the Vietnamese dong appreciated by 0.08%, the New Taiwan dollar rose slightly by 0.06%, and the renminbi and the Japanese yen depreciated by 0.1%.

New Taiwan dollar recent exchange rate trend.  (Picture: Juheng.com)
New Taiwan dollar recent exchange rate trend. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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