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A Legendary Name Is Coming to the Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas has many legends. It’s hard to imagine Wayne Newton or Carrot Top reaching iconic superstar status anywhere else.

The city is also home to legends like Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack, and less likeable characters like Bugsy Siegel.

Sin City also has some icons that are not human. Some of these come and go, like what’s happening now with the famous Phantom Volcanoes. That attraction could soon make way for the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel, and, well, no one could possibly recreate a giant volcano anywhere else on the Las Vegas Strip.

In Las Vegas, however, some icons are starting to make a comeback. Caesars has announced plans to rebrand Bally’s Casino under the Horseshoe brand. Now, the company has quietly shared plans to bring another major Las Vegas name back to the revamped casino.

Caesar turns Bally into a horseshoe

Caesars licensed the Bally name from Bally’s Corp. (BALY) – Get Bally’s Company Report, which the company plans to use on its Tropicana Strip properties. This led Caesars to rebrand the casino and pick a legendary name from its roster of brands.

The Horseshoe name has a long history in downtown Las Vegas, as does legendary Las Vegas personality Jack Binion

The property on Fremont Street, now named after Binion, hasn’t had a horseshoe in Vegas for decades. That will change when Bally changes its name.

“Since 1951, Horseshoe Casino has been home to the best odds, highest limits and biggest jackpots,” Caesars said in a news release.

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“Horseshoe was founded by gamblers for gamblers, with a core focus on creating a gaming experience for gamblers. Over the years, Horseshoe has stayed true to its heritage, to its no-limit exciting spirit, as the brand expanded into the national market.

“This summer, as the World Series of Poker returns to its roots, the spirit will be played at the original Horseshoe for the first time in 1970, the first time it has moved to the Las Vegas Strip.”

Caesars operates casinos under the horseshoe name in markets such as Baltimore and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Given the cache it has in the city, it makes sense for the company to return the iconic brand to the Strip.

As part of the renovation — which includes a revised exterior, new entertainment and dining options, and redesigned casino floors and public areas — the new Horseshoe will also bring a famous steakhouse to the Strip .

A Famous Name Comes to the Las Vegas Strip

Early in the pandemic, BLT Steak closed its location within Bally’s. The steakhouse will be replaced by Jack Binion’s Steak, which also operates a steakhouse on the top floor of Binion’s on Fremont Street.

“Named in honor of Jack Binion, the former president and chief operating officer of the Horseshoe Casino, the restaurant is tied to the Horseshoe Casino’s rich history,” Casino.org quoted from a company statement.

The new Jack Binion’s Steak will open in time for the World Series of Poker, which begins May 31st through June 20th. Caesars has yet to comment on a specific opening date.

“Fans of the famous Top of Binion’s Steakhouse at Binion’s Gambling Hall in downtown Las Vegas need not worry. The new restaurant on the Strip will not affect the venue,” Casino.org added.

Jack Binion’s Steak has locations at Caesars Casinos in Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana and Mississippi.

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