Home Forex Markets After the U.S. respite, it may usher in a bigger surge, USDJPY USD/JPY hits a 24-year high

After the U.S. respite, it may usher in a bigger surge, USDJPY USD/JPY hits a 24-year high

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After the U.S. respite, it may usher in a bigger surge, USDJPY USD/JPY hits a 24-year high

• Powell’s hawkish speech at Jackson Hole revives dollar

• Fundamentally, the Fed and the Bank of Japan are moving further apart – the yen remains vulnerable

• Risk events: Fed and Bank of Japan speeches, US consumer confidence and NFP nonfarm payrolls

Fed’s hawkish stance will further widen interest rate differentials

Interest rate differentials play an important role in international capital flows, and the Fed’s renewed commitment to curb inflation has opened the door for further gains in USD/JPY.

The Fed’s latest pledge to keep raising rates raises the prospect of a wider divergence between U.S. and Japanese rates, often referred to as a “carry trade.”

In late 2021, when the U.S. considered the possibility of a rate hike in March 2022, the USD/JPY pair became a prime example of carry trade. Since raising rates, the Fed has raised rates from a range of 0%-0.25% to 2.25%-2.5%, creating opportunities to sell yen and buy dollars.

USD/JPY rallied on Friday and extended that momentum into Monday, and could attempt a fresh 24-year high. The recent rally in the dollar and the dovish stance of the Bank of Japan opened the door for the pair to break above the July and yearly high of 139.40. The MACD indicator is showing positive upward momentum, while the relative RSI indicator (Relative Strength Index) has not yet entered overbought territory, which means we could still see the pair struggling to make new highs.

Resistance was seen at the yearly high of 139.40, followed by September 1998 at 139.91. However, the pair is lower today, suggesting that USD/JPY may need to consolidate before the next move higher. From a fundamental perspective, the prospect of a new high for USD/JPY remains constructive as the Fed continues to aggressively hike rates and the Bank of Japan remains committed to a supportive monetary framework for the Japanese economy, allowing the JPY to further depreciation.

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USD/JPY daily chart

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Future high materiality risk events

announced today in Japan7Unemployment rate for the month(2.6%)After the unchanged data, we turn our attention to speeches by the Fed’s Barkin and Williams, as well as another US consumer confidence index, which is expected to be higher than the previous reading.

As for tomorrow, we’ll see Japan’s retail sales data and the Bank of Japan’s speech.Fed officials’ speeches will continue this week, starting with Loretta on Wednesday·meester(Loretta Mester)then Raphael on Thursday·Bostic(Raphael Bostick).

The main event of the week is Friday’s US nonfarm payrolls data, which we expect8Month economy will increase3010,000 jobs, the unemployment rate is expected to remain at3.5%. The labor market presents another potential opportunity for the narrative of the Fed’s stance if we see disappointing unemployment data.

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Previously, this statement was7moonCPIThe slight cooling began, sparking widespread speculation of a slowdown in Fed tightening. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech in Jackson Hole nearly dispelled any notion of a Fed slowing, reiterating the central bank’s commitment to lower inflation at the expense of economic growth and a deteriorating labor market.

After the U.S. respite, it may usher in a bigger surge, USDJPY USD/JPY hits a 24-year high

After the U.S. respite, it may usher in a bigger surge, USDJPY USD/JPY hits a 24-year high

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