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Alex Murdaugh indicted for murders of wife and son

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Alex Murdaugh indicted for murders of wife and son

The once-prominent, now-disbarred attorney was charged Thursday morning with two counts of murder, according to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson and South Carolina Law Enforcement Chief Mark Gere and two counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime. .

On the evening of June 7, 2021, Margaret “Maggie” Murdo, 52, and their youngest son, Paul Murdo, 22, were in Islandon, about an hour’s drive north of Hilton Head Island. (Islandton) family property. Alex Murdaugh, who placed the 911 call reporting the shooting, said he had just returned home and found their bodies.

Murdoff, a pillar of the South Carolina legal profession, has denied involvement in the deaths, saying he was visiting his mother at the time.

“Alex wants his family, friends and everyone to know that he had nothing to do with the murders of Maggie and Paul. He loves them more than anything in the world,” said Murdoff’s lawyer Dick Huptelian And Jim Griffin said in a statement Thursday.

Lawyers slammed the latest developments in the case.

“From day one, law enforcement and the Attorney General prematurely concluded that Alex was responsible for the murder of his wife and son,” the statement said.

Harpootlian and Griffin said they would file a motion for a fast-track trial “to require the Attorney General to produce all evidence within 30 days as required by law and (request) … within 60 days of receipt of the evidence. Judgment.”

Keel called the indictment “another step in a long process of getting justice for Maggie and Paul.”

“For the past 13 months, SLED agents and our partners have worked day in and day out to build a case against those who murdered Maggie and Paul and to exclude those who were not responsible,” Keel said. said in a statement. “The agents never lost their focus on this investigation. It was clear to me from the beginning that the priority was to ensure justice was done.”

Murdoff is being held at a prison in Columbia, South Carolina, on $7 million bail, facing a series of alleged financial crimes.
A source with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that blood found on Murdoff’s clothes could have put him at the scene of the killing.

The bloodstains found may have put Murdo in close contact with at least one of the victims, sources said. High-speed splashes are associated with the use of certain weapons (such as rifles), which produce certain bloodstains, especially when used at close range.

Additionally, sources say a cell phone belonging to Paul Murdoff was found on his body, which contained Alex Murdoff talking to his wife when she and Paul were killed video and audio.

The source said that Alex Murdoff was not seen in the video, but she could be heard talking to her and that the recording was time-stamped, which could be key to the investigation.

FITSNews first reported the details.

CNN’s Eric Levenson, Dianne Gallagher and Travis Caldwell contributed to this report.

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