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Analysis of German DAX40 Index Trend

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Analysis of German DAX40 Index Trend

Today, the US stock market is closed on the National Day of the United States, and the European stock market trading is relatively light. The market continued to be suppressed by the central bank’s interest rate hike and economic recession expectations. The German index remained volatile and remained cautious. Further volatility is expected when the index breaks out of the current range.

At the beginning of the week, the U.S. National Day was superimposed, the U.S. stock market was closed, and the European stock market sentiment was relatively flat.

Recently, the market is still digesting the interest rate hike expectations of the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, and is making bets on the future direction of the economy. Obviously, concerns about the maintenance of high inflation and low growth in the US and even the global economy are becoming more and more serious. Affected by this, European and American stock markets continued the adjustment trend since the end of last year, and there is still the possibility of accelerating downward.

The European stock indexes represented by the German DAX40 and the three major U.S. stock indexes still have differences in fluctuation logic, mainly due to European geopolitical risks, extremely high inflation and extremely poor economic expectations. If investors find more clues to prove the European crisis Or a sign of turning for the better, the German index is facing a breakthrough of the key price and ushered in greater volatility.

On the whole, the German index is under pressure at the top of 14800-15000. Here is the neckline since March 2021. As the index breaks below 13400-13500, the trend is further downward. It is currently running at 13500-12500 and formed at 13000. short-term stress.

Next, if the German index falls below 12500, it will open up a new downward space, and the trend will continue downward. The reference below supports 11000-10000; if it returns to the top of 13500, it will ease the decline. Once it breaks through 15000 again, it is expected to restart its strength.

The short-term 13500-13000-12500 shock is worthy of attention, waiting for a breakthrough. During the shock period, below 13000 is still under pressure, mainly holding shorts, supplemented by longs, and breaking 12500 will point to 12000-11800.

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