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Appier Announces Acquisition of U.S. Marketing Technology Company Woopra, Helping to Expand the Americas |

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Appier Announces Acquisition of U.S. Marketing Technology Company Woopra, Helping to Expand the Americas |

Appier (4180-JP) announced today (27) that it will acquire Woopra, an American marketing technology (MarTech) company, through a reverse triangle merger through its subsidiary Appier Pte. and its special purpose company WPR Acquisition Inc. The relevant agreement was signed on September 27. In the future, Woopra will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixing. Pingxing expects that through mergers and acquisitions, it will be able to consolidate its leading position in first-party data processing and expand its presence in the American market.

Peixing pointed out that Woopra is headquartered in California, USA, and has a wide range of B2C and B2B vertical industry customer groups in the European and American markets, and provides SaaS platforms for customer analysis, marketing automation, data management, etc., and its operating performance is not bad. After the integration of the market positioning of the two parties in customer and product analysis, it is expected to help the company to expand the penetration rate in the European and American enterprise market and drive the further growth of the business.

It is not the first time that Peixing has expanded its business territory through mergers and acquisitions. Looking back on Peixing’s acquisition of Indian startup Qgraph in 2018, it launched AIQUA, an active customer interaction platform driven by AI, in the same year. In 2019, it further acquired Japan’s Emin to strengthen its e-commerce marketing layout. Last year It also acquired the omni-channel chatbot platform BotBonnie, and the acquisition of Woopra this time, a total of four strategic acquisitions have been implemented.

Peixing said that it is expected that in the near future, all enterprise software will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI), and will continue to focus on AI to provide software as a service (SaaS) solutions in the field of marketing. In recent years, it has gradually expanded from marketing to The omni-channel process of business sales, and the differentiated ability to predict customer behavior and realize automated communication through AI.

Peixing is optimistic that the customer data platform (CDP) will be a promising market opportunity in the future, and the related development is still in the early stage. With this acquisition, it plans to combine Woopra’s analysis and visualization functions with its AI functions of AIXON. Intuitive visual analytics seamlessly connect the entire customer journey.

In terms of operation, this year, with the continuous growth of customers’ demand for AI and the expansion of the US/EMEA market, the growth momentum has been strong. The annual financial forecast target was revised up for the second time, from the original estimate of 17.8 billion yen to 18.5 billion yen, and the annual growth rate also expanded from 41% to 46%.

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