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Apple’s Unleashes New Effort Aimed Squarely at Intel

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Apple's Unleashes New Effort Aimed Squarely at Intel

Apple (AAPL) – Get Apple Inc. Report Get used to dealing with skeptics. Every time the Cupertino, California-based tech giant says it will launch a new product in an already mature and saturated market, its claims have been challenged.

This is the case with the iPhone and iPad, and recently it launched the Apple Watch. After some hesitation, smartwatch sales took off, aided by Apple’s health services.

Given this history, when Apple announces its chip ambitions “Apple Silicon” in 2020, one would assume that critics have learned their lesson and will praise Tim Cook’s company more.

Less harsh critics argue that by talking about developing chips in-house for laptops and desktops, Apple is trying to force Intel (INTC) – Get Intel Corporation Reports Participate in a deal between two tech giants. Given Apple’s recent announcements, it’s clear that they were very wrong.

A new and powerful chip

Apple recently introduced the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips and new MacBook Pro laptops. Now, the company is taking the new M1 Ultra chip to a whole new level, which was unveiled on March 8 at the company’s first big event of 2022.

Apple says the M1 Ultra is the most powerful variant of its original M1 chip lineup.

Apple says the M1 Ultra will boost the performance of Mac desktop computers. The company claims that the M1 Ultra is built by connecting two M1 Max chips and is eight times faster than the M1 chip.

To accommodate the new chips, Apple introduced the Mac Studio desktop and a new display called the Studio Display that can be paired with any Mac, including the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models. Mac Studio is a new desktop computer for creative professionals that packs a lot of power (and a hefty price tag).

Apple will offer two versions of the Mac Studio, one with the M1 Max chip and the other with the M1 Ultra chip.

The company says the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra is 80 percent faster than the fastest MacBook Pro. The new chip is advertised as being more powerful and more power efficient than the previous three generations – the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max. This feat puts Apple ahead of the competition.

“The M1 Ultra is another game-changer for Apple silicon that will shake up the PC industry once again,” Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware technology, said in a news release. “The M1 Ultra completes the M1 family as the most powerful and powerful PC chip in the world.”

Here’s a brief summary of the technical details of the chip that Apple is showing as a game-changer:

The graphics portion of the processor has evolved to feature a 32-core Neural Engine and a 64-core graphics processing unit that can run even the most demanding tasks, such as compiling code, transcoding video, and working in large 3D environments. This should generally end up improving performance by ensuring good performance for all AI-dependent software.

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Apple says the graphics processing unit of the new chip is eight times faster than the M1 chip. It will be interesting to see how the M1 Max chip plays out, though.

quiet and less energy

Apple also says that the M1 Ultra has 90 percent higher multi-threaded performance than the latest PC desktop processors, faster GPU performance, and 100W less power consumption.

Apple M1 chip lead JS

The company says this means less power is consumed and the fans run quietly, even when using applications with demanding workflows, such as handling lots of virtual instruments, audio plug-ins and effects.

Since Apple doesn’t mention exactly any competing chips, users will have to test new machines powered by that particular chip after they get their hands on it.

According to Apple, the M1 Ultra uses the company’s UltraFusion architecture, effectively combining two separate M1 Max chips into a single system-on-chip, characterized by a set of components (processor, RAM, graphics processor, security related chips, special-purpose chips, machine learning, etc.)

Yes, it’s basically a combination of two M1 Max chips offering 128GB of unified memory. The M1 Ultra contains 114 billion transistors with 800 GB/s of memory bandwidth and 2.5 TB/s of interprocessor bandwidth.

“This enables the M1 Ultra to operate as a chip and be recognized by software, so developers don’t need to rewrite code to take advantage of its capabilities,” the company explained.

The three main features you’ll notice in use are the speed of execution, the autonomy of the Mac, and the silence in use.

Speed ​​has to do with Apple’s mastery of hardware and software, just like on the iPhone. The autonomy of the Mac comes from the M1 Ultra’s ability to perform common tasks using a low-power core. Silence is a result of the first two points: better energy management requires less cooling.

Apple M1 chip lead JS

What does this mean for Intel?

Apple no longer has to pay Intel for processors, which is a good thing for consumers. Prices are dropping for Macs with Apple Silicon M1 processors. Pooling production lines and making its own components could allow Apple to recoup more lost revenue than the price cuts.

Minutes after the March 8 incident, Apple finally stopped selling 27-inch Macs on its online store. Two Macs still use Intel chips, the Mac Pro and the Intel Mac Mini. It’s safe to say that their days are numbered.

Apple is one of Intel’s largest customers. By announcing fourth-generation chips, Apple is shaking up Intel. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant must react quickly if the group wants to continue its dominant role in the semiconductor market.

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