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Aspen Alpha Advisors Win Prequin Award

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Aspen Alpha Advisors Win Prequin Award

RENO, Nev., August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aspen Alpha Advisors, LLC (AAA), a life settlements manager, recently won a Prequin Award for their management. Their life settlement niche strategy has received a Prequin Award for top performance. Prequin is a market data company that provides financial data and information on the alternative investment space and supports further investment in alternatives.

“We are really proud to receive this award, as Prequin is a stable in the alternative asset data space,” he says Jordan Trice, managing partner, and investor relations for Aspen Alpha Advisors, LLC. “We are confident we can continue on this trajectory.”

Niche strategies are a small part of the overall hedge fund space. AAA’s life settlement management is a true alternative for most investors. Being recognized by Prequin holds significant weight because they track the majority of the alternative investment space.

“There are many investment alternatives out there,” says Trice, “and the reason people invest in alternatives is because they are looking to be outside the usual stock, bonds, and mutual funds space.”

The combined team at AAA has over 30 years of experience in the life settlement industry, from servicing to producing non-market correlated returns for investors. AAA is a pure play life settlement manager focused on returns not correlated to the broader markets, and their management strategy is in the insurance-linked category.

“These strategies are linked to different forms of underlying insurance-related risk, such as life/longevity products, natural catastrophes, or industry loss, with little-to-no correlation to capital markets,” says Trice.

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