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AutomatePro to expand into US following £5m investment

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AutomatePro to expand into US following £5m investment

AutomatePro has raised £5m in Series A funding from investor YFM Equity Partners, through its British Smaller Companies VCTs, to expand its cloud software to the US market.

London-based AutomatePro’s software provides automated testing and reporting for the cloud platform ServiceNow.

Roshan Puri, investment director, YFM Equity Partners, said: “Intelligent automated testing is a key feature of DevOps best practice and has become a necessity for organizations looking to maximize value from their IT infrastructure and IT talent.”

It also helps companies to keep up to date with cloud-related regulatory compliance and optimization.

According to the firm, it is the “only automated testing and DevOps app on the ServiceNow App Store”.

Funds will be put towards AutomatePro’s move to the US, along with the development of its software and marketing.

“We are delighted to welcome YFM on board as our first institutional shareholder, having recognized early on the alignment with our strategy and values,” said Paul Chorley, CEO and co-founder, AutomatePro.

The company was co-founded by Paul Chorley and Wayne Devonald in 2013.

YFM Equity Partners has offices in London, Leeds, Manchester, Reading and Birmingham, it invests between £2m to £10m.

In November YFM Equity Partners backed the Manchester-based AI drug discovery startup Biorelate in its Series A.

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