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AZTLAN Seeks Stocks in Global Developed Markets

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AZTLAN Seeks Stocks in Global Developed Markets

AZTLAN Equity Management, an independent investment management firm specializing in global small- and mid-cap equity strategies, has partnered with Tidal ETF Services to launch the AZTLAN Global Stock Selection DM BLACKSMITH ETF (AZTD). The passively managed fund seeks to track the performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Aztlan Global Developed Markets BLACKSMITH Cap Index.

“Given the wide range of broad-based products available to investors, we found it timely to launch an exchange traded fund that is highly concentrated and focused on fundamentals,” said Alejandro Garza, AZTLAN’s founder and portfolio manager, in a news release announcing the found. “We believe investors are in need of differentiated products and AZTLAN prides itself on its deep knowledge and experience in the BLACKSMITH cap space.”

The index starts with a universe of securities from three developed markets (North America, Western Europe, and Asia) and nine sectors (materials, industrials, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, healthcare excluding pharmaceutical industry or sub-sector, financials, information technology, communication services, and utilities). It then equally weights six factors (value, cashflow, capital structure, growth, earning per share revisions, and price momentum), resulting in a portfolio of 27 securities of the top-ranked companies within each of the three regions and nine sectors noted above . The index is rebalanced monthly and is expected to have a high portfolio turnover rate.

“Tidal is honored to partner with the team at AZTLAN and exited to bring such a unique product to market. We’re looking forward to not only launching such an interesting fund but growing it over the next several months and years,” added Eric Falkeis, chief growth officer at Tidal.

This fund will leverage AZTLAN’s developed markets and small- and mid-cap expertise while offering daily liquidity and transparency at an attractive fee. For more information, visit aztlanetfs.com.

For more news, information, and strategy, visit VettaFi.

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