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BestAtDigital agrees to a strategic investment from leading Scandinavian Angel Investor

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BestAtDigital agrees to a strategic investment from leading Scandinavian Angel Investor

BRIGHTON, England, January 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BAD, one of the UK’s hottest digital agencies in behavior change, just got ‘BADder’ with the agreement for strategic investment from Ocular AS. Angel Investor, Thomas Berglundis joining the Board of BAD as shareholder and strategic advisor to help with the company’s growth ambitions.

Since spinning off in 2020 and becoming independent, the BAD team have been on a mission ‘to change behaviour, to change lives’ and over the last couple of years have been acquiring a host of new clients who are keen to join them on their journey . (Bestatdigital.com)

As BAD looks ahead, a critical part of their strategy is having a scalable technology and services suite that underpins behavior change for global enterprises – a gap which the market is currently not addressing.

With that in mind, Thomas brings a host of experience in building enterprise SaaS technology and service businesses, as well as his investment expertise and network.

Thomas BerglundCEO Ocular, says: “I’ve been following BAD since we worked together at Edvantage Group. BAD has achieved so much over the years in that it has an amazing client portfolio, highly experienced team, some great technology, and with the new trajectory and focus on behavior change and behavioral science, I’m excited about our future together.”

BAD’s CEO, Andrea Daysaid: “Thomas and I have talked about working together again and the timing couldn’t be more perfect as we look to grow. Thomas is hugely experienced, fully understands our business, and represents the same values ​​as BAD. Time to get this party started!”

About BestAtDigital

BestAtDigital (BAD) are an independent behavioral design agency. We exist to help enterprise customers solve behavioral challenges that are impacting their success and their ability to have a positive impact in society. We do this through combining behavioral science, evidence-based design, modern technologies, and analytics, to affect and sustain behavior change. To get in touch please go to: www.bestatdigital.com.


SOURCE BestAtDigital Ltd

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