Home Forex Markets BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister, an article tells you what’s going to happen next!

BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister, an article tells you what’s going to happen next!

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BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister, an article tells you what’s going to happen next!

Boris Johnson Boris Johnson, GBP/USD, analysis and news:

β€’ Boris Johnson Boris Johnson resigns, will serve until a new leader takes office

β€’ Leader election schedule to be announced next week

β€’ Dovish reaction in UK asset markets as macro outlook remains key

along withBoris JohnsonBorisΒ·Johnson’s party has seen a wave of resignations, and he has confirmed he will step down as prime minister. He noted that he will serve as caretaker prime minister until a new leader takes office.

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So far, just as financial markets have2019yearTheresa MayTheresaΒ·Like May’s resignation, market volatility for UK assets has been muted, aside from short-term noisy price swings, as BorisΒ·Johnson’s resignation has done little to change the bleak macroeconomic backdrop the UK is currently facing.

What’s next?

BorisΒ·Johnson said the next steps in the search for a new leader would be announced next week.by2019For example, the battle for leadership is a six-week event.

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2019Conservative Party leadership election timeline

6moon13day:The first round of voting for leadership elections will take place.To enter the next round of elections, candidates need to obtain at least16votes.If all candidates meet16The threshold of votes, the member with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

6moon16day:Channel 4 will hold the first televised debate of a Conservative Party candidate.

6moon18day: The second round of voting will be held, and the threshold for promotion will rise to32ticket.Candidates will also be invited to attendBBClive debate.

6moon19day to day20day: The most will be held in these two days4rounds of voting until only two candidates remain.

6moontwenty twoday: 16Thousands of Conservative Party members voted to decide who was the winner.

7moontwenty twoday:The date of the next prime minister is expected to be announced.

Most likely to be the next Tory leader, according to UK bookies

BREAKING NEWS: Boris Johnson resigns as UK Prime Minister, an article tells you what's going to happen next!

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