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Burger King Menu Adds a Chipotle Favorite (That’s No Whopper)

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After the Whopper: Burger King May Solve Its Biggest Menu Problem

chili sauce (CMG) – Get Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Report Changed fast food in America. Not only has the chain created the fast-casual concept — restaurants are fast but use fresher, higher-quality ingredients — but it is one of the leaders in building the space with Panera Bread and a few others.

chains like mcdonalds (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation Report and Restaurant Brands International’s (QSR) – Get the Restaurant Brands International Inc report Burger King created the fast food segment of fast food. They want (and still do) to deliver a familiar experience quickly, no matter where you are. No matter where you are in America or even the world, a Big Mac or a Whopper tastes like a Big Mac or a Whopper.

Chipotle sources its ingredients locally. It’s still trying to offer the same experience in every store, but having locally sourced menu items means items may be out of stock. This is something that rarely happens with McDonald’s or Burger King (although McDonald’s has recently had a fries shortage in Japan) because these chains have built global supply chains that aim to make every meal exactly the same.

However, that doesn’t mean Burger King never experimented in this case. The chain is very creative with its burgers and sandwiches in the U.S. and around the world.

Now a new burger is on some menus at the famed “House of the Whopper,” which uses an ingredient from the Chiptole menu, and the chain sometimes struggles to keep things stocked.

Chipotle Led Burger King Somewhere New

While it seems like avocados have always been a popular menu item in American restaurants, that’s not the case. Our national obsession with the key ingredient in guacamole has really only happened over the past 20 years or so.

“Over the past 18 years, our demand for avocados has only increased. In 2000, Americans consumed a little over a billion avocados. No doubt, that’s an astronomical number, but the number has exploded. , reaching nearly 5 billion,” Austin wrote in Schoonmaker in 2018.

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That obsession was fueled by the rise of Chipotle, which once counted McDonald’s as its biggest investor. The chain spanned 1,000 locations in 2010 and now has about 3,000. Guacamole has always been a central part of its menu, and the chain’s share price fell on rare occasions when it had to warn customers that it might not be able to source the avocados needed to make their beloved toppings/dippings/side dishes.

Now, the chain may have to compete with Burger King, which has added guacamole to its menu, albeit in limited quantities.

Burger King Joins the Guacamole Craze

If you want guacamole on a Burger King burger, you’ll either have to go to Mexico or carry some with you to make your own version of Guacamole Pretzel King. The sandwich — currently available at Burger King locations in Mexico — is described by the company as “a taste of another planet” on its Burger King Mexico website.

That’s a bold claim for a burger that includes “grill, guacamole, crisp bacon, and melted cheese,” according to the company.

Burger King also offers Guacamole King in some of its South American locations, but availability varies by country. The chain explained the new product in a press release (translated from Spanish).

“It’s very important to us at Burger King to stay ahead and continue to innovate with unique flavors and the highest quality national ingredients that our guests love.”

While Burger King’s limited-time offers outside the U.S. typically don’t reach the chain’s home country, this seems like a logical exception. Americans are already crazy about guacamole, which has fueled Chipotle’s rise, at least in part. Burger King offering Guacamole Pretzel King at home seems like a logical extension (although there is a bit of a shortage of avocados right now).

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