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Burger King Menu Delivers a Brand New Whopper

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Think a Big Mac or Whopper is Unhealthy? What About the Wrappers?

Burger King has never been more prized for its most famous sandwiches. The company offers a seemingly endless variety of Whopper variants, from truly ridiculous ideas to more practical ones, like the recent Whopper Melts.

Restaurant Brand International (QSR) – Get the Restaurant Brands International Inc report The chain uses its signature sandwiches to draw attention to its menu. This has led to recurring appearances, including the Texas Whopper, Angry Whopper, Indy Whopper, A1 Halloween Whopper, Upside Down Whopper, and of course, the Ghost Whopper.

Put some BBQ sauce and onions on a burger and you have nothing to promote or the public (or media) to get excited about. But call it the South Dakota Whopper and you have instant marketability.

That’s why Burger King offers Whopper Jr. and Impossible Whopper instead of small burgers and plant-based sandwiches.

Name is important. Now, the chain is doing something unique with its signature sandwich.

Burger King tried a new Whopper (well, 9 of them)

According to legend, pregnant women have food cravings. These can vary widely, from the basics to the often joked kimchi and ice cream.

According to Brand Eating, Burger King decided to adopt the idea to celebrate Mother’s Day in Germany. The site reports that the company “conducted a survey of the most popular pregnancy cravings among pregnant women and distributed Whopper Burgers featuring nine of the most popular cravings in one day.”

Nine of the most popular choices were then offered as “Pregnancy Whoppers,” served on burger patties on the chain’s trademark sesame bun. The winning combination is:

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Fried Eggs & Bananas Bratwurst & Nut-Nougat-Creme (Nutella)Currywurst & Brathering (Marinated Fried Herring)Fish Sticks & ApplesauceCucumber & MarmaladeStrawberry Ice Cream & FriesCream & Gherkins cake) cake, cream and fruit) vanilla ice cream and olives

These special sandwiches are free and only for one day.

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No one expected herring or cake to be a Whopper’s staple. However, this promotion shows that Burger King has a sense of humor and is willing to use its most popular sandwiches for media coverage.

On the first-quarter 2022 earnings call, Restaurant Brands CEO Jose Cil made it clear that Whopper is a very important part of the chain’s marketing plan.

“This quarter, we demonstrated our balanced approach to menu innovation and value for money, while prioritizing our core asset, the Whopper,” he said.

“We kicked off the year with a brand new $5 All-You-Can-Eat meal featuring Double Whopper Jr. Additionally, in order to see Whopper as a multi-billion dollar powerhouse brand, we’re taking the legendary burger from our core Removed discounted products and added some fan-favorite varieties, the King and Quarter Pound King, to our new two-fifths offer,” he said.

Cil also commented on the versatility of Burger King’s signature sandwich:

“We used customer insight to create a product that offers more portability at a price point between our Whopper Jr. and the Whopper, the Whopper melts. We’re launching in three delicious flavors and for a limited time Add this product to our flame grill selection.

He added: “The results show that the product has strong messaging, high-quality advertising that performs well on our digital platform and is proving to be an affordable incremental addition to the burger platform.”

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