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Burger King Menu Takes Big Burgers To a New Extreme

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Burger King Menu Takes Big Burgers To a New Extreme

If anything is Restaurant Brands International (QSR) – Get the Restaurant Brands International Inc report Burger King isn’t shy, it’s taking a risk some fast food chains think are too risky.

Its recent move to reinvent its flagship product, the Whopper, is certainly creative, but it’s not quite the adventure one might think — it’s just a Whopper on a new kind of bread.

While Burger King’s foray into greener packaging and practices is admirable, it’s on the same lines as chains like Starbucks (SBUX) – Get the Starbucks Corporation Report There are pursuits, so there are no milestones.

But where the chain really shines is in its utterly quirky take on its own inventions, like linking a new line of sandwiches to the heights of sexual encounters, or deliberately making burgers unappealing — but still delicious, leading to dazzling interiors conflict.

And since this approach already drives 60% of Burger King’s global sales, it’s safe to say that we can expect burgers to wear edible top hats with more meat piled up than tall buildings, just the general absurdity that makes fast food a little more pleasure.

This is the next step on the menu.

What is Burger King’s latest burger?

Back in 2021, Burger King Japan introduced a sandwich that was purposely made too big to fit in a customer’s mouth.

So named “Big Mouth”, the line was a huge success as soon as it debuted.

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Burger King, seeing clearly that their customers love a lunch so big that they have to cut it in half to finish it, set out to create more versions, launching the limited edition “Hash & Chili” March 2022 version of the month.

Determined to continue the hype, BK announced another limited edition product, now available in its restaurants until May 19.

While not as meaty as the infamously huge King Yeti burger, the new Big Mouth burger is wild.

Bacon Booster comes with eight pieces of bacon, two flame-roasted patties, two slices of American cheese, lettuce, pickles, and your choice of dressing, while Cheese & Cheese trades bacon for more cheese and hot sauce.

Not only are these sandwiches huge, but they are also very expensive. Prices start at 1,280 yen ($9.81) and go up to 1,580 yen ($12.11), and these two sandwiches are closer to what you’d expect when ordering an artisan burger in a better place than you’d expect to pay in a drive-through.

However, people may pay for it, as previous generations of Big Mouth have performed well in limited editions, and consumers are more likely to pay more for items with “limited edition” branding.

QSR has yet to launch the line in the U.S., though it recently said it plans to expand the Whopper brand this year, so expect more innovations for the Whopper Melt line.

Despite customer interest in social media-valued fast food and the burgeoning presence of YouTube food bloggers, the craziest things on Burger King’s U.S. menu right now pale in comparison to these behemoth burgers

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