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CBDT: Prompt grievance redressal of taxpayers top priority: CBDT chairman Nitin Gupta

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CBDT: Prompt grievance redressal of taxpayers top priority: CBDT chairman Nitin Gupta

The newly appointed Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) chairman Niting Gupta said on Sunday that timely redress of taxpayer grievances remains the top priority of the tax department.

In his speech on Income Tax Day, the tax department reported a record high of 140.9 per cent in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, as policies and processes were simplified to ease compliance for taxpayers, he said in his Income Tax Day speech. billion rupees.

“However, we cannot rest on our laurels and need to keep trying to keep the momentum going,” he said. “In the true spirit of the Taxpayer Charter, timely resolution of taxpayer grievances remains a top priority.”

The government’s tax administration, CBDT, will continue to actively engage with taxpayers and other stakeholders and will use their feedback to continuously improve the process.

Gupta said the past few years have witnessed dramatic changes in all areas of the economy, including increased digitization, the emergence of new business classes and new asset classes.

“Today’s taxpayers want easy compliance and prompt rectification of their problems,” he said. “In response to these changes, the department has redesigned policies and redesigned processes aimed at improving taxpayer convenience and injecting greater transparency into its operations.”

CBDT is an enabler and a service provider, he said.

Noting that the income tax department is not a single entity, he said there are many areas of technical specialization and differentiation, managed by loyal officials and cadres of officials.

“Behind the front-end people dealing with assessments, grievance resolution and taxpayer services, there are dedicated people in areas such as developing policy, retraining and repositioning stakeholders to changing needs, maintaining technical architecture, etc.,” he said.

“They have been instrumental in the change management that the department has successfully achieved over the past few years.”

Gupta, who took over as the new head of CBDT late last month, said the tax department needed to adhere to a service-oriented approach, reinforced by entitlement values ​​and ethics, innovation, collaboration and resilience.

“Guidelines for the convenience of taxpayers continue to be a guiding force as we develop new routes in Atmanirbhar Bharat,” he added.

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