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Cloud, Hyperscale players will see significant growth in India by 2023

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Cloud, Hyperscale players will see significant growth in India by 2023

The IT industry has seen an exponential growth in the last few decades. Sairaman Mudaliar, Co-founder and Director, Pentagon System & Services, discusses the state of the IT services business in 2023, including predictions for emerging trends, strategies for maintaining competitiveness, and more.

Excerpts from the interview:

What were your hits and misses of 2022?

New technologies have spearheaded and been the drivers of change. We constantly upgrade ourselves every year in the new and upcoming new-age technologies like Hybrid Cloud, AI, Containers, Data Protection & Management, Data Security & Compliance, IoT, etc., and restructure our teams to proactively keep up with these trends. The notion involves creating unique frameworks and supplementing a personal touch as consultants to consistently position the best products and services that rightly fit the bill. Upgrading ourselves is paramount.

As the profound effects of challenges come forth, Pentagon strives to create value, become innovative, and devise robust outcomes. Additionally, it encourages vendors to foster these advances. These progressions are potentially lifting the trajectory of productivity.

How can you maintain your competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital transformation sector?

We are constantly upgrading and undergoing restructuring and optimizations in our internal processing. Moreover, we are focusing on building solutions by way of customizations for diverse industry verticals which are agile and provide our customers with the edge in their businesses. We are investing in talent acquisitions and are changing with leadership to optimize our GTM.

What according to you would be some of the key internal and external trends that will shape the IT services industry in 2023?

We expect exponential growth in IT Services for the domestic sector. Cloud/Hyperscale players and Data Centers would witness noteworthy expansion, considering India and on a global scale, there is a big growth market with across-the-spectrum demand, from creating unique platforms to modernizing infrastructure. Cyber ​​& Information Security will be a key domain which would attract suitable investments from enterprises. AI, RPA & blockchain are the three technologies which we expect to gain momentum in 2023.

ESG issues are rising to the top of the board-room agenda? What does ESG mean for the IT services industry?

Yes, there are increasing trends of discussions, framing strategies & policies on ESG in large enterprises. We foresee its impact more towards product lifecycles and to a certain extent on the IT services sector. Trends in service delivery would be changing. Green Cloud & Data Centre, Digital waste management and recycling would be effective in the delivery of services.

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