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Crypto Billionaire Novogratz Defends the Honor of the Ukrainian President

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Crypto Billionaire Novogratz Defends the Honor of the Ukrainian President

Schiff just got real.

Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Investment Partners, challenged Peter Schiff on Twitter after the economist complained that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wore a T-shirt to a recent appearance in the US Congress.

“I’m tired of your smugness, Peter”

Zelensky implored lawmakers for more aid for his country’s ongoing war with Russia, citing events such as the Pearl Harbor attack and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

However, Schiff focuses on what really matters.

“I know times are tough, but doesn’t the #Ukraine president own a suit?” he tweeted. “I also don’t have much respect for incumbents in the U.S. Congress, but I still don’t address them in a T-shirt. I don’t want to disrespect the agency or America.”

That’s when Schiff hit the fans.

Former Goldman Sachs banker Novogratz ditched the virtual challenge.

“Following that comment, I’m ready to challenge @PeterSchiff to a cage contest with profits going to a charity of your choice,” he tweeted. “I’ll donate to Ukrainian relief. I’m just tired of your smug Peter. Ukrainians are fighting for their lives, their country, and their freedom. Please be respectful.”

Aside from having different views on Zelensky’s wardrobe, the two are opposites of Bitcoin.

“Worst tweet ever”

Novogratz’s firm focuses on cryptocurrency investments, and Schiff has been an outspoken cryptocurrency critic.

But Novogratz wasn’t alone in his outrage, as critics lined up on Twitter to dismiss the economist’s remarks.

“This is probably the worst tweet ever,” one person said. “Literally the worst tweet ever — and given it’s a tweet, that’s too bad. The only way to make it worse is to turn this tweet into an NFT “Damn, you suck.”

One commenter posted a photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin in a suit and tie.

“It’s a picture of people wearing suits with ‘respect’, it doesn’t matter what people wear… it’s what they say, it’s more what they do that determines them… ‘ the tweet read.

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“Gosh, Peter, you’re an ASSH*LE through and through,” another commenter said. “I can’t believe you haven’t deleted this tweet.”

Oakland Raiders author and former CEO Amy Trask wrote: “He’s fighting to save other people’s lives, he’s risking his life to do so – he could have gone but he didn’t, which That guy says he’s—you care about what he’s wearing, that shows who you are.”

Comedian Trevor Noah referred to the economist’s “weird criticism” on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” when he said: Say, ‘Really? Sandals, my dick?’ “

“We’re making a card”

Despite being full of vitriol, Schiff showed no signs of flinching.

“I have testified before Congress twice. No one has more respect for these people than I do,” he said. “But I wore a suit both times.”

“If you have to rely on clothing to earn respect, then you have a problem,” one person replied.

Schiff later tweeted that he wasn’t seeking attention when he posted comments about the lawsuit, “but it happened.”

“This tweet was the most commented on that day,” he said. “It’s crazy because I don’t have that many followers compared to a lot of other people on Twitter.”

“It’s ‘most commented’ because it’s a poor choice,” replied one. “The number of comments versus retweets or likes means you’ve been prorated. It’s not a good thing for your Twitter reputation. A good thing.”

The prospect of a cage fight moved one man to post a video clip of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson tearing down his opponent.

“This will be over sooner than a typical Tyson fight,” the commenter tweeted.

Novogratz Challenge closes behind Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc report CEO Elon Musk has called on Putin to erect his duke for Ukraine.

“We’re making a card,” declared one commenter. “Main Event: Elon vs. Putin Undercard: Novogratz vs. Schiff. We need some warmups…”

Schiff didn’t respond.

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