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DC convoy speaker says Black Lives Matter street will be ‘tarred and feathered’

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DC convoy speaker says Black Lives Matter street will be 'tarred and feathered'

A member of the People’s Caravan said he will decorate the Black Lives Matter Plaza with tar and feathers as he addresses a crowd gathered in Washington, D.C.

The People’s Team was inspired by the “Freedom Team” movement of Canadian truckers. The group gathered in the U.S. capital to oppose U.S. vaccine regulations and other COVID-19 protocols.

In a video filmed by The Daily Beast, a speaker standing on stage with a “Freedom Convoy 2022” sign told the crowd to “take back” a street decorated with the “Black Lives Matter” slogan that stretches for two NeighborhoodWashington, D.C. NW 16th Street

This street mural, located near the White House, was painted in response to the social unrest following the 2020 police killing of black George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“What happens to Black Lives Matter Street in Washington, we’re taking it back. All the paint is coming off that street,” the spokesperson said. “It will turn into tar and feathers before I go to the grave.”

It’s unclear who the speaker is, but People’s Motorcade organizer Mike Landis handed him the microphone, The Daily Beast reported.

Hill has contacted the organizers of the People’s Motorcade for comment.

The Metropolitan Police Department and D.C.’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency told The Daily Beast they have the resources and support they need to monitor and respond to any illegal activity.

The street drew national attention and was praised by the late civil rights icon John Lewis.

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