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DHL: The peak shipping season is coming with no end in sight | Anue – US Stocks

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DHL: The peak shipping season is coming with no end in sight | Anue – US Stocks

DHL Global Forwarding and Logistics said on Monday (22nd) that it was too early to declare a softening in shipping trade volumes or an easing of congestion problems.

Global shipping and logistics players have been caught in a cycle of ever-increasing congestion problems. Insufficient land in the port area, lack of trucks, and shortage of truck drivers have caused congestion in ports and terminals, and even affected global trade.

Goetz Alebrand, head of the Americas at DHL Global Forwarding Logistics, said: “We’re not really out of the woods in terms of congestion, and global supply chains are very susceptible to disruptions, so it’s really hard to say right now how that’s going to affect trade volumes.”

The peak shipping season is coming with no end in sight for the jam (Image: AFP)

Alebrand said: “Containers are likely to be stuck longer, higher costs for importers and exporters, and there are many unknowns considering that a global recession may be imminent.”

Alebrand said: “Supply chain bottlenecks around the world are still evident, and I will closely monitor the progress of labor contract negotiations between port operators and dock workers. Port labor protests and strike waves may lead to more delays and cancellations. Available. The reduction in the number of cargo ships and the tight supply of 40-foot containers are two factors that have contributed to the increase in container prices.”

China’s Golden Week (October 1-7 each year) is approaching, some manufacturing plants will be shut down, and the number of cancelled shipping around the holiday is expected to increase, reducing port cargo throughput.

The next phase of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) plan to reduce carbon emissions from ships at sea will halt some scheduled shipping, putting more pressure on freight prices.

IMO made a decision at the 76th meeting of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee in June this year, and it will be mandatory to regulate the carbon emissions of shipping companies and the efficiency of existing ships from 2023. Shipping merchant ships must slow down, refit, and even face ship demolition. Half of the ships in the market will be impacted.

Alebrand expects: “There will be more spare capacity in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year, as merchant ships have to retrofit their ships to meet IMO’s 2023 standards.”

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