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Disney Is Bringing Back a Fan Favorite Event

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Disney Is Bringing Back a Fan Favorite Event

A visit to Walt Disney World or Disneyland is certainly a great way to spend a week or a long weekend, which is why people have been gathering at the park gates for years.

However, the longer you keep this tradition alive, the more it may make sense for you to learn about Disney’s ways (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report The park has changed over the years.

From the debut of new rides and activities to a whole new world of collectibles to collectibles, Disney is more than just a place to spend your free time. For many people, this is an important part of their lives.

It may be the happiest of these longtime park visitors to hear that Disney is bringing back a special tour of the history of the Disney brand. It includes a visit to the animation studio that brings all the magic to life, as well as a visit to the beautifully restored Walt Disney offices so guests can experience it in a modern way.

The Return of the Classic Tour

The official Walt Disney Fan Club, known as D23, made the announcement on its official website, confirming that the official Walt Disney Studios tour will resume on August 11 and run through November 5.

“D23 members have the unique opportunity to enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour trip to Walt Disney Studios,” the statement said.

“This unique experience includes a visit to Walt Disney’s Office Suite, Legend Plaza, and the Walt Disney Archives. Additionally, on weekend excursions, archivists from the Walt Disney Archives will join the tour and share this amazing the rich history of the department,”

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Guests participating in the tour will also have the opportunity to shop at the Disney Studio Store and Staff Center and purchase items that are only sold there. So if you want to feel like a VIP, now is your time.

This tour is only open to D23 members. (The “D” is for Disney, and the “23” is for 1923, the year Walt Disney arrived in California and created what would eventually become The Walt Disney Company)

At-Large membership is free, while Gold membership is $99.99 a year for an individual or $129.99 a year for what Disney calls a “duo” (in other words, two people).

Once your membership is locked, you can purchase tickets to the Official Tour, which will go on sale on Tuesday, August 2 at 1pm ET. For Gold members, weekday tours are $99 per person and weekend tours are $109 per person (plus a $7 handling fee). Regular membership tickets are $149 on weekdays and $159 on weekends, plus a handling fee.

The earliest tour time on weekends is 9:00 am and the latest is 2:30 pm

If you’re attending on a weekday, tours only start at 1:30, 2:00, and 2:30 pm, so plan accordingly.

It is important to note that these tours are only available to vaccinated guests and guests who can provide proof of a negative PCR test performed 48 hours earlier.

Masks are also required throughout the tour, so don’t forget to wear one if you want to experience the magic of the animation studio for yourself.

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