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Disney Park Planning New Ride Inspired by Popular Character

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Disney Park Planning New Ride Inspired by Popular Character

Disney (THIS) princesses have come a long way since the Cinderella and Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” that millennials remember. A new generation has grown up with Elsa, Moana, Tiana and, most recently, Raya and the Last Dragon.

With each new animated film, die-hard fans come to expect not only the movie itself but everything from toys and costumes to some sort of appearance at the parks.

Given the length of time to develop and test them, new rides are a particularly big deal for those who have spent years (and, in some cases, reached adulthood) waiting to see their favorite character at one of the parks.

While “Princess and the Frog” premiered in 2009, “Tiana’s Bayou Adventure” is slated to come to Disneyland and Disney World in 2024 after years of on-the-field research in New Orleans.

Disney Plans a Familiar New Ride

News of a spinner ride inspired by Tangled have been circulating since at least 2019. That was when Walt Disney World News Today reported that it could come to Disney Paris and would be part of the expansion for Walt Disney Studios Paris slated for 2023.

Last week, the theme park watch site further said that the new ride is likely to be announced at the D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim this September.

The new spinner ride will be inspired by the Tangled scene in which Rapunzel and Flynn Rider float around amid floating lights. Park visitors will reportedly sit in wooden boats and be spun around on a still platform.

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The concept is very similar to one of the most famous rides in the entire Disney parks franchise: the Mad Tea Party, which is also known as “the teacups.” One of the rides available when Disneyland first opened in 1955, the iconic attraction has riders sitting in teacups that rotate and spin around. In the case of “Tangled Round Ride,” the teacups will be replaced by wooden boats.

“Tangled Round Ride will face a small pond to reflect the lighting and should look especially amazing in the evening,” Haley Dalton writes for WDW News Today.

One more rumor that is yet to be officially confirmed by Disney is that Italian theme park ride manufacturer Zamperla is the one that has been charged with supplying the ride.

Disney Park Having Massive Expansion

Walt Disney Studios Paris is smaller and has fewer rides than Disneyland Paris. The bigger park with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is what many European visitors to the parks associate with Disneyland.

That said, the second park is currently in the midst of a 2 billion euro renovation meant to take it away from its status as “that other park you can skip if you don’t have time.”

After a yearlong delay, a new area built after Marvel’s Avengers has opened in July 2022.

Another section built to look like the Kingdom of Arendelle from Frozen are currently in the process of being built while a new Star Wars section (there already is one at Disneyland Paris) has been reported but may now be up in the air.

Tangled Round Ride is, reportedly, not going to be far from the park’s Toon Studio and Toy Story Playland. The section of the park inspired by “Toy Story” has rides like RC Racer and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop.

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