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Disney World Closes Popular Eatery, Plans Another in Its Place

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Disney World Closes Popular Eatery, Plans Another in Its Place

Disney World faces endless challenges.

No matter how stale any part of its theme parks, hotels and adjacent properties become, there is a group of people who are overly nostalgic about it. However, in most cases, companies have to get rid of old things before introducing new ones.

This always results in a certain percentage of viewers feeling uneasy about any move. The company could shut down an incredibly outdated ride like the Carousel of Progress, where progress ended somewhere in the 1980s and a percentage of visitors will be remembered because they somehow disturbed by the sights.

walt disney (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report So they’ve worked hard to keep the park fresh, while also preserving people’s memories. The battle gets tougher when companies have to shut down something popular and not outdated to make way for something new.

Now, that’s happening at the company’s BoardWalk property. This Epcot-adjacent resort has several restaurants and bars, including the very popular Boardwalk Bakery. As a site that makes many social media friendly baked goods, this bakery has been a go-to destination for many Disney World visitors.

It’s not unique; most of its baked goods can be found elsewhere in the park. But it’s a place that a lot of people miss.

Now, Disney has permanently closed the location to make way for something new.

Disney’s New Plans for Boardwalk Bakery

Bakeries are more about snacks than serving meals. Maybe that’s why Disney closed the BoardWalk Bakery to make way for the new BoardWalk Deli.

“Do you like the classic flavors that you can only get at the deli? If so, I have some exciting food news to share with you,” the company said in a press release.

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“Later this summer, the new BoardWalk Deli will open at Disney’s BoardWalk. Formerly the BoardWalk Bakery, this location is inspired by the deli in the Northeast, with a menu that takes you on a classic sweet road trip from New York to the Jersey Shore’s delicious fare. ”

The new restaurant will feature a bagel menu that includes classic breakfast sandwiches. In addition to bacon, eggs and other ingredients, the restaurant will also serve plant-based chiciabatta sandwiches that include “egg” florentine, plant-based cheese, tomato sauce, and arugula.

For lunch, the restaurant will serve a selection of classic deli sandwiches.

“Choose a variety of hot and cold deli sandwiches to pair with traditional marbled rye, fluffy ciabatta or soft and springy focaccia. As with breakfast bagels, all breads are freshly baked in-house,” said the author. the company said. Vegetarian and vegan options will also be available at lunch.

BoardWalk Deli will also offer a range of baked goods reminiscent of its predecessor.

“There’s no shortage of desserts to try,” Disney added. “The cannolis are made to order – yes, you heard that right – with a crispy crust, a mix of mascarpone, ricotta and shavings of dark chocolate, with a hint of lemon zest and Mickey.

“Intense and creamy blueberry scones are made with whipped cream and sprinkled with pearl sugar and melt in your mouth”

Disney balances progress, respects the past

While some Disney fans will lament the change — and similarly, some will be pissed if the theme park company gets rid of anything they love so much — the change seems positive.

Disney World has taken a limited number of restaurants and replaced them with something that caters to more needs, while also keeping some of the things that made it popular.

BoardWalk Deli may not be able to offer the full range of baked goods that BoardWalk Bakery does, but it’s keeping some of it, which should please fans of the original. This is Disney moving forward while respecting the past.

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