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Disney World, Disneyland Invaded by Zombies

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Disney World, Disneyland Invaded by Zombies

When someone talks about zombies in Florida, it’s usually in news reports of someone ingesting a suspicious substance and then trying to eat a stranger’s face.

Zombie alerts were also raised during a power outage in Lake Worth. “Power outage and zombie alerts for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus. Far fewer than 7,380 customers now involved due to extreme zombie activity. Recovery time uncertain,” the Palm Beach Post reported positively on a page that no longer exists .

The terminal is, of course, the town from The Walking Dead, where city officials moved quickly to assure residents that there were no real zombies.

“I want to reiterate that Lakeworth is currently not experiencing any bot activity and apologize for the system message,” the statement read.

Now, Walt Disney (DIS) – Get The Walt Disney Company Report There are plans to bring real zombies (television kind) to Disney World Resort in Florida and Disneyland in California.

Wait, Disney has zombies?

Parents of teens may know Disney Channel’s “Zombies” series. It’s a supernatural “high school musical” with little real horror (since it’s for kids). If you’re not familiar, here’s Disney’s description of the latest issue.

“This is Zed and Addison’s last year at Seabrook and things are better than ever. The town has finally embraced monsters as part of Seabrook and has become a haven for monsters and humans alike…However, little The town was stunned by the arrival of a new group of interstellar aliens – aliens, who appeared to compete in cheers.”

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Yes, it sounds ridiculous if you’re an adult, but it’s a fairly typical Disney franchise built around nice football players and cheerleaders, and the whole zombie and alien thing makes it A new spin on this exhausting genre.

Zombies make way for Disney theme parks

With Zombies 3 on the way, Disney plans to bring music from the series to its theme parks. Dubbed “Zom-Beats Bash,” the show will take place at Disney Springs at Disney World, while the Disneyland version will take place in Downtown Disney.

“Zom-Beatz Bash is a 20-minute stage event that guests of all ages can enjoy. During the DJ, try some zombie dance moves, sing along to your favorite songs or take photos in the style of “Zombies 3” Wall Photo-Hosted Event. Come to the music in costume and BAMM! The company said in a press release.

While “Zombies” isn’t really Disney’s top asset, the show showcases the company’s ability to leverage every asset.

Adults without teens at home may not know the series, but target audiences who have seen the films are connected to the series. That should prompt them to want to see live shows, which could drive more foot traffic to Disney’s two shopping districts adjacent to the theme park.

Disney knows how to squeeze every last ounce of revenue from every character it owns. This seemingly trivial move makes it clear that the company knows how to extract value not only from Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars, but also from its smaller (and more ridiculous) properties.

Zombies 3 will premiere on Disney+ on July 15 and on Disney Channel on August 12.

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