Home Market Spotlight Dollar weakens ahead of FOMC decision – Brown Brothers Harriman

Dollar weakens ahead of FOMC decision – Brown Brothers Harriman

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Dollar weakens ahead of FOMC decision – Brown Brothers Harriman

“Dollar will weaken in FOMC meeting decision U.S. meeting after 3 strategy meetings, 6 meetings and last 7 meetings globally explained in last 7 meetings,” Harry Brothers Mann (BBH Monetary Management Committee) won .

core points

We haven’t always hoped that we’re going well, and we think our economic signals are that way. However, we have previously been the most prominent in the U.S. economy.

The 1,000-date results are expected, and the underlying market update point of the market forecast will show a general benchmark with an expected base of 2.50%. 100%. The September meeting will be released. On September 21, the interest rate was raised again by 75 basis points. At present, the market has only digested about 45% of the price. The market is optimistic about a 50 basis point interest rate hike. 25 basis points have been digested on Nov. 2. basis point expectations, but after that, the market only partially revealed expectations for a final 25 basis point rate hike.

The picture is similar, with 175 basis points drawn on the basis of the next 66 months being introduced, the policy will be around 3.5% of the market price decline. The price of this position in June 2024 is 3.375% higher than that in 2024.

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