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Donald Trump news live: DeSantis met with 2024 chants after Florida win as ‘rattled’ Trump vows to leak dirt on him

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Donald Trump news live: DeSantis met with 2024 chants after Florida win as ‘rattled’ Trump vows to leak dirt on him

‘Get ready’: Trump says he will ‘very probably’ run again for president in 2024

Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis has cruised into a second term despite an ominous pre-election threat from Donald Trump, according to projections by The Associated Press.

Mr Trump had warned that Mr DeSantis “could hurt himself very badly” if he attempts to run for president in 2024, as many people have speculated that he might.

Mr Trump had still not congratulated Mr DeSantis more than 90 minutes after the AP called the race, although he had told reporters earlier in the day that he voted for him in his home county in Florida.

Meanwhile, the former president himself wasted no time in pushing baseless claims of voter fraud and calling for his followers to protest before the midterm polls had even closed.

His party appears to have had an extremely disappointing night. Despite Joe Biden’s grim approval rating, the GOP lost a crucial Senate seat in Pennsylvania and is struggling to get just the two others it needs to take control of the chamber. The House, meanwhile, is still in play, with Democrats holding a higher-than-expected number of vulnerable seats across the country.

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Trump goes to bed celebrating a “great evening”

Having “truthed” steadily as last night’s results came in, Donald Trump rounded off the evening by celebrating a “great night” – specifically, for the candidates he endorsed – and accusing the media of spinning the result against him. Given what transpired in the intervening six hours, it is not clear if he will feel the same way when he wakes up.

Andrew NaughtyNovember 9, 2022 12:30 p.m


Lara Trump teases father-in-law’s comeback

Donald Trump’s famously upbeat daughter-in-law Lara, married to his son Eric, has come out swinging for the former president despite the blow last night will have dealt to his reputation as a sure winner:

Andrew Naughty9 November 2022 12:00


Another reason for Trump to worry

A resentful and humiliated Republican Party is far from Donald Trump’s only problem after last night’s surprising results. As Politico’s Kyle Cheney reports, there are now two full years in which his myriad legal troubles can engulf him:

Among the figures most intimidating to the former president is New York Attorney General Letitia James, who is suing him and his company for allegedly engaging in multi-million dollar tax fraud in their real estate business. She was handily re-elected last night, as expected. Maroosha Muffazar reports:

Andrew Naughty9 November 2022 11:30


JD Vance drops Trump from victory speech

Ohio Senate candidate and now senator-elect JD Vance was one of Donald Trump’s success stories in this year’s primaries, shooting to the top of the field after the ex-president’s endorsement – ​​but how he’s won his race, he has forgone the most obvious opportunity to express his gratitude:

Unlike many right-wing candidates running in vulnerable seats, Mr Vance at no point pivoted away from Trump-style rhetoric in the general election, instead doubling down on numerous relatively extreme positions.

Andrew Naughty9 November 2022 10:58


ICYMI: Trump reveals he voted for Ron DeSantis

Trump turned out to cast his ballot in Palm Beach, Florida, on Tuesday.

The former president, joined by his wife Melania, briefly spoke to reporters as he emerged from the polling place, revealing that he had voted to re-elect his rival Ron DeSantis.

“I think we’re going to have a great night, it’s going to be great for the country,” he said of the elections at hand.

“No matter who you vote for, you have to vote. It’s so important. This is going to be a very important election.

“Hopefully the right thing will happen.”

Mr Trump also coyly replied to a query about his own election ambitions in 2024, dropping another hint at when he will announce his presidential run.

“I think Tuesday [15 November] will be a very exciting day for a lot of people, and I look forward to seeing you at Mar-a-Lago,” he said.

The Independent’s Gustaf Kilander has more:

Megan Sheets9 November 2022 09:00


Trump allies win bigly

Whatever the overall results, many of Mr Trump’s personal allies have prospered in today’s voting.

Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, JD Vance, and former Trump PR aide Sarah Huckabee Sanders all enjoyed strong showings, writes my colleague John Bowden in Washington DC.

Io Dodds9 November 2022 07:54


ICYMI: Trump unleashes on Truth Social after voting

After casting his vote in Florida, Donald Trump unleashed a flurry of election-related posts on Truth Social.

In one, he outlined all of the candidates he’s endorsed this election cycle, touting those endorsements as “TRUMP’S UNPRECEDENTED SUCCESS”.

He then wrote: “Reports are coming in from Arizona that the Voting Machines are not properly working in predominantly Republican/Conservative areas. Can this possibly be true when a vast majority of Republicans waited for today to Vote? Here we go again? The people will not stand for it!!!”

In another post, the former president added: “EVERYBODY, GET OUT AND VOTE. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Then came: “Pennsylvania just announced that it could take days to determine the winner. This is outrageous!”

“Another big voter tabulation problem in Arizona. Sound familiar???”

“The Absentee Ballot situation in Detroit is REALLY BAD. People are showing up to Vote only to be told, ‘sorry, you have already voted.’ This is happening in large numbers, elsewhere as well. Protest, Protest, Protest!”

“Maricopa County in Arizona looks like a complete Voter Integrity DISASTER. Likewise Detroit (of course!), Pennsylvania, and other places. Not being covered by the Fake News Media!”

Megan Sheets9 November 2022 07:00


Who will emerge as the true Maga king?

Who will be the true Maga king after tonight’s dust has settled? My colleague Andrew Buncombe explores the growing rivalry between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

“Two clear indications of how Trump may feel threatened by the younger, Yale-educated DeSantis emerged this week,” writes Andrew.

“On Saturday he tested a mean-spirited nickname for the Florida governor – ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ – the kind of thing he did when he felt threatened by “‘Crooked Hillary’ Clinton, ‘Little Marco’ Rubio and ‘Lying Ted’ Cruz …

“Todd Belt a professor of political science at George Washington University, says that when DeSantis refused in his debate with Crist to commit to serving a full second term if elected, it underscored the widely held belief he plans to run for the presidency.”

Io Dodds9 November 2022 06:09


ICYMI: Trump settles tomato lawsuit

Former president Donald Trump has quietly settled a lawsuit against him by protesters who were allegedly beaten by his private security staff in the days after he announced his first presidential campaign in 2016.

Attorneys for both Mr. Trump and the protesters told NBC News that the case had been settled just as a jury was being selected for trial in a Brooklyn courtroom.

The lawyer who represented the protesters, Benjamin Dictor, said the settlement represented “an incredible day” for his clients, whom he described as “lifelong activists in the community … who stood up to defend the right to speech on the public sidewalk and have litigated for seven years”.

“Today, the matter was resolved on terms that they are very, very happy with,” he added.

Andrew Feinberg has more.

Megan Sheets9 November 2022 05:30


‘These results are farcical’

The mood has turned sour in pro-Trump online communities, where users are already blaming election fraud for the GOP’s weaker than expected results.

“These results are farcical,” wrote one poster on The Donald, which models itself as a successor to Reddit’s banned TheDonald board. “There’s no rhyme or reason. You don’t get a blowout from counties in Florida and then magically cross state lines into ‘highly competitive’ territory in Georgia.”

Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and New York state were singled out as centers of supposed shenanigans (to be clear, there is no evidence of widespread election fraud in today’s vote).

“They keep finding votes for Fetterf*** in rigged Pennsylvania,” said one user, referring to Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman. “They are 100% about to steal Georgia for [Raphael] Warnock,” said another.

One user was surprised by New York state governor Kathy Hochul’s apparent victory, saying: “There is absolutely no fucking way in God’s green earth [Kathy] Hochul has won…. the entire f***king map is red except like three counties.” (Most of New York’s counties do indeed lean Republican, but nearly 43 per cent of the state’s population live in deep blue New York City .)

Many users blamed establishment Republicans for squandering the radical energy unleashed by Mr Trump.

“RNC/GOP, McConnell, McCarthy got the results they wanted,” said one. “Tonight was all about splitting the party and strangling populism out of the party. And they accomplished it. Trump will run, but perhaps he shouldn’t after tonight.”

Another said: “Trump gave the GOP a winning message since 2015. Instead of working with him, they have worked against him every step of the way. This election just further proved that with how they did more to stop the America First candidates than they did the radical Dems.”

Io Dodds9 November 2022 05:06

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