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Elon Musk Has Likely Downloaded His Brain into a Robot

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Elon Musk Has Likely Downloaded His Brain into a Robot

Elon Musk is charismatic, but also whimsical.

Sometimes it’s hard to know Tesla’s (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc report The CEO is serious about his bombastic and blistering statements on Twitter, his favorite channel of communication, with over 101.6 million followers as of this writing.

Was he provocative or ambitious when he announced that in 20 to 30 years humans would live and be self-sufficient on Mars?

Answering a question on July 15 about the estimated time frame for creating a self-sufficient civilization on Mars, Musk said: “If the launch rate increases exponentially, it’s 20 to 30 years from the first human landing.”

The billionaire added: “Assuming that each rendezvous point transfers about 100,000 people, it will take about 1 million people in total.”

Does Musk already have a virtual version of him?

The history of the eccentric claims of the world’s richest man often shows that he means what he says. In November, he ran a Twitter poll asking Twitter users if they should sell 10% of Tesla stock. He added that he would abide by the results of the polls, no matter how it goes.

The poll drew more than 3.5 million votes, with nearly 58% voting in favor of selling the stock. Days later, Musk announced in an SEC filing that he had sold $5 billion worth of Tesla stock.

The serial entrepreneur just made a splashy statement. In fact, Musk said he had downloaded his memory into a machine. It all started with a Twitter conversation started by Billy Markus, one of the co-creators of the meme coin Dogecoin, with whom Musk regularly interacts on the platform.

“If you could upload your brain to the cloud and talk to a virtual version of yourself, would you be friends?” Marcus wrote on July 18.

A few minutes later, Marcus posted a new post, saying: “It would be cool to have a competitive gaming buddy with roughly the same skill level, but he’d be a computer and have unlimited time, so I’d prefer to see By the time he’s better at everything and I’m busy with my boring life, I don’t like this kind of thinking exercise anymore.”

“It’s been done,” Musk commented, without much detail.

Musk’s tweet underscores his recent statement and promises that he is developing a machine through his companies (Tesla, an advanced electric car maker and Neuralink, an artificial intelligence company) where we can download our brains, our memories and our personalities.

humanoid robot in autumn

“Can you imagine that one day we’ll be able to download human brain capacity onto Optimus Prime?” Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Axel Springer, Business Insider’s parent company, asked the entrepreneur in an interview published in mid-April.

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Optimus Prime is a robot that Tesla will launch in 2021.

“I think it’s possible,” Musk responded.

“It would be a different way of immortality because we would download our personality into a robot,” Döpfner continued.

Musk agreed, then added:

“Yes, we can download what we think makes us so unique. Of course, if you’re no longer in that body, it’s definitely different, but in terms of preserving our memories, our personalities, I think we It can be done.”

When asked if this was imminent, Musk didn’t say no.

“I’m not sure if there’s a very sharp border. I think it’s smoother,” he suggested. “We already outsource too much computation. Our memories are stored in our phones and computers, with pictures and videos. Computers and phones enhance our ability to communicate and allow us to do things that are considered magical .”

Furthermore, “we have greatly expanded our human brain with computers,” he said.

“I certainly don’t want to have anything that could be harmful to humans. But humanoid robots are happening,” he said. “Artificial intelligence is advancing very rapidly.”

In addition to performing repetitive tasks at Tesla factories, Musk sees other uses for these robots. “Optimus Prime is a general-purpose, sort of worker robot. The original role had to be repetitive, boring or dangerous jobs. Basically, jobs that people don’t want to do,” the billionaire explained.

He also believes that Optimus Prime will play a role in our daily lives: Optimus Prime is “a universally focused humanoid robot”.

Musk pledged last month to show a working prototype of the Optimus in the fall.

“Tesla AI Day has been pushed back to Sept. 30 because we might have an Optimus prototype working by then,” Musk wrote on Twitter on June 2, referring to an event originally scheduled for Aug. 19. Tesla Artificial Intelligence Day.

The billionaire had said in January that a prototype Optimus would be ready by the end of the year, with Tesla planning to bring it to market starting in 2023.

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