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Elon Musk Hints at Major Announcements Very Soon

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Elon Musk Hints at Major Announcements Very Soon

Trilogy lovers will tell you that without these rules you are doomed. These rules are important to keep the reader’s attention until the very end.

It is necessary to install repeating characters of history. Heroes are generally unlikely; then you have to build tension. Basically, the first part of the trilogy is structured as if it were a unique story where characters have to overcome obstacles and the quest becomes more and more dangerous.

In the second phase, new characters need to be introduced and conflict added to open up otherwise dramatic issues. The more times readers ask themselves questions, the longer the stress persists. There are a few distinct dramatic lines. The action takes place on different fronts, and the hero’s journey is one of them.

So readers are in suspense as they wait for the third and final part.

As his fans and critics now know, Elon Musk is an expert on theatrical arts. When he wasn’t controversial, he found himself involuntarily at the center of the controversy. But when he conducts the orchestra with a baton, he has never been more skilled in the art of suspense.

In August 2006, the billionaire introduced what he called a “secret Tesla vehicle master plan (between you and me)” in a blog post. A secret guide to changing transportation and saving the planet from pollution.

Tesla Roadster

Part 1 of a trilogy: Building an affordable electric car

If Musk was known in the tech world at the time for co-founding PayPal (PYPL) – Get PayPal Holdings, Inc. Report In 1998, the world was fascinated by another charismatic entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, who promised to revolutionize telephony with the iPhone.

“Background: My day job is to run a space transportation company called SpaceX, but on the other hand, I’m the chairman of Tesla Motors,” Musk wrote. “As you know, the initial product of Tesla Motors was a high-performance electric sports car called the Tesla Roadster.”

He added: “However, some readers may not realize that our long-term plan is to build a variety of models, including affordable family cars. This is because the primary goal of Tesla Motors (and why I do it) is to fund the company. ) is to help accelerate the transition from a mining and burning hydrocarbon economy to a solar electricity economy, which I think is the main, but not the only, sustainable solution.”

This is the first stage of the “Master Plan”: build a sports car; build an affordable car with the money; build a more affordable car with the money; do the above while also delivering zero emissions Power generation options.

Did Musk, the hero of his own trilogy, and Tesla accomplish their mission?

The issue is undoubtedly divisive. One thing is for sure, things won’t be easy. Tesla already makes and sells the Roadster, the Model S sedan and the entry-level Model 3, an electric vehicle for the masses.

Tesla shares rise after Elon Musk hints at 200,000 orders for new Cybertruck

Part Two: Cybertruck and Self-Driving Cars

In July 2016, ten years after the publication of the first volume of the Master Plan, Musk released the second volume.

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“Part of the reason I wrote the first master plan was to defend against the inevitable attack Tesla would face, accusing us of just caring about making cars for the rich, implying that we felt there was a shortage of sports car companies or some other weird reason” Musk Written in July 2016. “Unfortunately, the blog does not block numerous attack articles on these grounds, so it almost completely misses this goal.

However, the bombastic billionaire added: “The main reason is to explain how our actions fit into the bigger picture so they don’t seem so random. The point of all this is, and still is, to accelerate the possibility of The emergence of sustainable energy, so “we can imagine a distant future where life is still good. That’s what “sustainable” means. It’s not some stupid hippie thing – it’s important to everyone. “

He then revealed the pillars of Volume 2: Create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage; expand electric vehicle product line to cover all major market segments; learn from large-scale fleets, develop 10 safer than manual times more self-driving capabilities; let your car make money for you when you’re not using it.

Musk doesn’t want to limit himself to the development of passenger cars. He wants to deploy electric and autonomous transportation in public transportation.

Regarding public transport vehicles, he wants them to be 100% autonomous, imagine them being smaller and able to adjust their speed in urban traffic, thus improving the mobility of urban traffic.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The businessman also wants to rethink the service by removing fixed bus stops. He envisions developing an app that would call a bus from your home, pick you up and drop you off at your destination, avoiding detours for other passengers.

Musk’s other ambition is to replace Uber (UBER) – Get Uber Technologies, Inc. ReportIndeed, once your car drives itself, if you’re not using it, why not make money by giving it to others who need it?

The billionaire wants to make driving fully autonomous and doesn’t want to see self-driving cars on our roads one day.

All in all, in addition to fully autonomous vehicles, the utopian billionaire wants his company to become an expert in public transportation and solar panels. Musk wants to lead the world towards an energy transition by shifting the world to electricity consumption based on renewable energy sources.

Almost all the vehicles announced in Volume 2 have already been launched: the Model Y SUV, the futuristic Cybertruck, and the heavy-duty semi-truck, even though the last two aren’t expected to start production until at least 2023.

On the other hand, buses or “high-density urban transport” are still missing.

Tesla also merged with SolarCity.

Tesla Robot

Part Three of the Trilogy: Robots?

On the other hand, we are far from having self-driving cars. Tesla’s advanced driver assistance software, Full Self-Driving (FSD), is under investigation by regulators. Musk, however, has promised that Tesla vehicles will be self-driving by the end of the year. The only problem: He’s made that promise many times in the past.

That won’t stop Musk.

The entrepreneur just said he’s working on volume 3 of his master plan.

“Master plan part 3 in progress,” Musk wrote to his more than 78 million followers on Twitter on March 17.

He gave no details about the date or the announcement, opening the door to all sorts of speculation from his admirers. At the time of writing, the tweet has been liked nearly 201,000 times.

“Apparently including robots, and…?” one user commented, referring to Musk’s robotics project.

Musk said on a fourth-quarter earnings call in January that Tesla’s next big product in 2022 is Optimus, the company’s August 2021 launch of a human in a robotic suit. The robot, dubbed Tesla Bot, will use the same artificial intelligence (AI) system as Tesla cars, Musk said.

“Does this have anything to do with zombies? Or zombie dogs?” another user commented.

Bets are open. Musk will no doubt surprise his fans and critics alike.

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