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Elon Musk Lauds ‘Smart Move by China’

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Elon Musk Lauds ‘Smart Move by China’

Elon Musk, like Jeff Bezos, is one of the leading private actors in the new quest to conquer space.

States and their space agencies have learned to deal with Musk and his rocket company, SpaceX.At the space technology company, he aims to achieve the same success as electric vehicle market leader Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc report.

In fact, the world’s richest man has transformed the auto industry from polluting gasoline and diesel cars to low- or zero-emission electric vehicles.

He has also prompted traditional automakers to embark on a Copernican-style revolution that promises to produce millions of electric cars a year by the end of the decade.


It’s important to remember that until three years ago, Tesla was ridiculed by rivals and financiers who predicted an almost certain collapse of the automotive disruptor.

The group then struggled to rein in productivity gains for the Model 3, the entry-level sedan it hopes to tap into a huge market for regular car buyers.

Musk has often reminded people that Tesla was on the brink of bankruptcy between mid-2017 and mid-2019.

Tesla CEO said on November 3, 2020: “The closest we’ve got is about a month. Model 3 ramps have been on a long stretch of time from mid-2017 to mid-2019. Under extreme stress and pain. Production and logistics hell.”

Three years later, Tesla is the sixth-largest company in the world by market value at $846.4 billion.It opened the gap with its two main U.S. rivals, Ford (F) – Get Ford Motor Company Report Has a $52 billion market cap and General Motors (GM) – Get General Motors Corporation Report $51 billion – it seems almost insurmountable

For many experts and observers, Tesla’s rise stems from the genius of Musk, considered one of the world’s visionaries, seemingly determined to disrupt any industry he turns his attention and energy to.

Musk tweeted on July 15: “Tesla is to protect life on Earth, SpaceX is to prolong life.”

Within this framework, Musk hopes to bring about a revolution in space.

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So he just praised China’s efforts to adopt reusable launch systems, rockets that can be used multiple times, to send people, satellites and other payloads into space.

“China’s smart move”

The billionaire commented on a Spacenews.com article that China may move to fully reusable super-heavy launchers.

“Chinese launch vehicle manufacturers appear to be designing a fully reusable Long March 9 super heavy launch vehicle for future mega-projects,” wrote Spacenews.com.

“The emergence of a new reusable methane-liquid oxygen launch vehicle program ready for 2035 shows that China is looking to make significant changes to its space transportation program.”

Long Lehao, a senior Chinese official who recently publicly demonstrated a new reusable launcher, frequently announces updates on China’s space activities.

The new launcher could be ready by 2035. It can carry 150 tons of payload to low-Earth orbit, 65 tons to geosynchronous transfer orbit, or 50 tons to trans-moon injection.

“Interesting,” Musk said. “China’s smart move. No future for expendable rockets.”

Sending payloads into space is an expensive proposition, and the debate between reusable and disposable rockets has been at the heart of the industry.

Disposable or disposable launch vehicles are the most common today. They are discarded after completing the flight.

SpaceX (Falcon 9) and Bezos’ Blue Origin (New Shepard) were pioneers of reusable rockets, envisioning rocket systems that could be used multiple times.

These rockets can be launched, send payloads into space, land safely on Earth and be reused.

Proponents of the technology say it could significantly reduce the price of rocket systems and unlock new opportunities such as space tourism.

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