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Ford Teases a New Electric Car to One Up Tesla, GM and Rivian

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Ford Shakes Up Rivian, GM and Tesla

ford (F) – Get Ford Motor Company Report Launched, nothing seems to stop the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker.

Just as a challenger felt like their attack seemed to catch the favorite off guard, the group led by Jim Farley wanted to destabilize its opponent in the war on electric pickups and trucks.

But as athletes know, knocking out favorites isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible either. For this to happen, you must have a strategy, and more importantly, you must unfold and strictly adhere to that strategy even if you think it is no longer necessary at some point in the game.

Ford’s strategy in lucrative electric pickups and trucks that could generate a lot of sales appears to be hit, hit, hit. Who knows, maybe an opponent drunk with ruthless punches and attacks will give up.

Tennessee to build new electric car pickup

That strategy now appears to be in full swing. On April 26, Farley and Ford spoke with consumers and the entire auto industry. That day, Ford began production of the F-150 Lightning, an electric version of the F-150, America’s best-selling electric pickup truck for 40 years.

The F-150 is Ford’s cash cow. By offering a greener, cleaner version, the group hopes to turn its successful formula in petrol cars into electric vehicles.

The auto industry is also monitoring the F-150 Lightning’s first steps to gauge the average household’s interest in electrification. Feedback so far is good.

Farley confirmed that the F-150 Lightning appears to be as popular as the classic version, as Ford has registered 200,000 pre-orders. To meet high demand, Ford no longer takes preorders and has had to ramp up production at its Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, which builds the F-150 Lightning. According to Ford, the plant can produce 150,000 trucks a year.

While Ford may be content to focus on starting production and the first deliveries of the key vehicle to meet its ambition of delivering 600,000 electric vehicles annually worldwide by the end of 2023, CEO Jim Farley has a surprise A surprising announcement was made.

“We’ve already launched another electric pickup truck that’s different from this one in Blue Oval City, Tennessee,” Farley said. He gave no further details, but a Ford spokesman later said the new electric pickup “will be the next generation. An electric truck, unlike the F-150 Lightning.”

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Basically, the only thing we know is that this new electric pickup will be assembled at BlueOval City’s production facility in Stanton, Tennessee. The $5.6 billion manufacturing complex should begin producing next-generation batteries for F-Series pickups in 2025.

The goal is to challenge Tesla

What will the new electric pickup be? The bet is on. But since the Lightning is a full-size truck, there’s a good chance this new electric pickup will be a mid-size version. It could be based on a Ford Ranger or a Ford Maverick.

To separate the two, we checked out their platforms. The Maverick’s platform is new, which suggests Ford won’t be updating or changing it anytime soon. However, the Ranger platform had to be radically changed.

Last June, Mike Levine, Ford’s director of product communications for North America, tweeted an image of a potential Maverick electric pickup.

Ford has a third option: The company could bet on performance by offering an electric version of the F-150 Raptor.

To be sure, Ford has only one obsession: to beat Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc reportA world leader in electric vehicles, the company plans to produce at least 1.5 million vehicles in 2022 despite supply chain disruptions caused by the resurgence of Covid-19 in China. The pandemic forced Tesla to close its Shanghai factory for three weeks starting March 28. The factory recently reopened.

“We plan to challenge Tesla and all comers to become the world’s top electric car maker,” Farley said. “It’s something no one believed us two years ago.”

Farley didn’t hesitate to mock Tesla, asking when the long-awaited F-150 Lightning rival Cybertruck would start production. Elon Musk recently promised that it would launch in 2023 after several delays.

Meanwhile, the F-150 Lightning had to work with Rivian’s (RIVN) – Get Rivian Automotive, Inc. Class A Report R1T and GM’s (GM) – Get General Motors Corporation Report GMC Hummer EV, which promises an electric version of the Chevrolet Silverado soon.

Ford plans to deliver 2 million electric vehicles annually by 2026. Since the beginning of the year, Ford has delivered 12,114 electric vehicles, including 10,539 Ford Mustang Mach-E SUVs and 1,575 E-Transit units. Thanks to the F-150 Lightning, those numbers will undoubtedly jump by the end of the year.

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