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Foreign investors received 28.115 yuan, a new low in nearly 5 months, with 6 consecutive weekly declines | Anue Juheng

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Russia continued to bomb Ukrainian residential areas, and the largest nuclear power plant in Europe was also bombarded, causing panic in the financial market. Asian stocks and foreign exchange markets fell to the ground today (4) days. , closed at 28.115 yuan, a record closing low in the past five months. Foreign investors made large-scale withdrawals of Taiwan stocks and remitted them. The total transaction value of Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange markets reached 1.927 billion US dollars.

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar depreciated by 9.4 cents or 0.34% in a single week, and it has depreciated six times in a row.

The Russian-Ukrainian war intensified, and the US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell reiterated his support for raising interest rates by 1 yard in March, which led to the return of funds to the US dollar. The lowest came to 28.123 yuan, a depreciation of 6.2 points.

The New Taiwan dollar exchange rate depreciated slightly at the end, depreciating 5.4 cents and closing at 28.115 yuan, a new low since mid-October last year. The transaction value of the Taipei foreign exchange market was 1.368 billion US dollars, and the Yuantai foreign exchange market transaction value was 559 million US dollars.

The electronics group of Taiwan stocks was under heavy selling pressure today. TSMC broke the 600-yuan mark, and only shipping stocks remained. The final index fell 197 points to close at 17,736 points. The transaction value was enlarged to 387.7 billion yuan, and foreign investors made crazy withdrawals of 43 billion yuan. , sold 3 in a row.

Observing the performance of major currencies against the US dollar, according to the statistics of the central bank, the US dollar index rose by 0.53% today, the Japanese yen also rose by 0.23%, the Korean won fell by 0.79%, the euro fell by 0.78%, the Singapore dollar and the New Taiwan dollar fell by 0.21% and 0.19% respectively. A small depreciation of 0.04%.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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