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Forget the Mirage Volcano, Las Vegas Strip Getting New Attraction

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Forget the Mirage Volcano, Las Vegas Strip Getting New Attraction

Las Vegas has long been a place where everything is more important than life. No one has built an intimate, subtle venue in Sin City, and certainly not on the Las Vegas Strip, where every resort-casino seems more impressive than the last.

Walking or driving on the Las Vegas Strip at night brings an onslaught of neon lights, making it almost hard to process everything you see.Large casino operated by Caesars Entertainment (CZR) – Get Caesars Entertainment Inc. Report and MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get the MGM Resorts International report Including the man-made Eiffel Tower, a replica of the Statue of Liberty, Luxor, a casino/hotel in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, and the grandeur of Caesars Palace.

From Carrot Top and Donny Osmond to Lady Gaga and Boys II Men, there seems to be an endless stream of digital billboards and marquees touting everyone. The Las Vegas Strip offers everything from world-class magicians to renowned DJs, Cirque du Soleil to classic showgirls and classic and modern burlesque.

The Strip also hosts some pretty impressive attractions, including the fountains of the Bellagio, the canals of the Venetian, and the now-defunct pirate show at Treasure Island. Another much-loved attraction, the volcano near Mirage Volcano will soon close to make way for the property’s new owner, Hard Rock International, to build a guitar-shaped hotel.

Las Vegas has embraced change, but now a player in the city will add a top permanent (well, as permanent as Sin City) attraction in the heart of the Strip.

Formula 1 racing in Las Vegas

Formula 1 (F1) has decided to make a big splash in Las Vegas. The series is scheduled to host a race on the Las Vegas Strip in November 2023 called the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

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“The race will take place on a Saturday night in November on the famous Las Vegas Strip as the track sweeps through some of the world’s most legendary landmarks, hotels and casinos. The incredible neon lights of Las Vegas will Being Formula 1’s third race in the United States underscores the tremendous enthusiasm and excitement in the United States for Formula 1 as the sport continues to expand its global fan base,” the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) said in a news release. shared in the manuscript.

Formula 1 is committed to doing more than just racing in Las Vegas. The group also purchased a 39-acre parcel for $240 million on the northeast corner of Harmon Boulevard and Kowal Lane, an area near the Las Vegas Strip.

Greg Maffei, chief executive of Formula 1’s parent company, said the land would give F1 a permanent location in Las Vegas, some of which would be used to build one for the upcoming race. The “pit and paddock” area. ‘ reported Vegas.

Now, however, the site has released more plans, which should delight anyone who wants to get a feel for driving an F1 car.

The Formula 1 experience comes to the Las Vegas Strip

“A permanent Formula 1 racing experience is expected to open near the Las Vegas Strip sometime in early 2023 as a new tourist attraction — just in time for the Las Vegas Grand Prix,” Casino .org reports.

Few details have been announced about what the new attraction will involve, but it appears that F1 fans will take a spin behind the wheel of the famous race car.

“Plans for the experience are still being finalized. But soon, both racing and adrenaline enthusiasts will be able to go full steam ahead in Formula 1 as they drive near one of Las Vegas’ most famous landmarks,” the website said. report. “The F1 Experience will be live at the Ice Nightclub on Koval Lane and Harmon Avenue every year for 11 months.”

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