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Founder Of LXME Priti Rathi Gupta: Empowering Women Through Finance

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Founder Of LXME Priti Rathi Gupta: Empowering Women Through Finance

What does an Indian woman serial entrepreneur look like? Like Priti Rathi Gupta, of course! With over 20 years of experience in finance, Rathi Gupta has started one successful venture after the other—and all while remaining in the role of Managing Director, Anand Rathi Group. In 2013, she started her own film company, Ishka. But more prominently for the benefit of women across India, she launched the financial literacy and financial services app, LXME in 2018. Her aim? To close the multipronged, multi-level financial gaps between Indian women and men. Her app not only focuses on financial literacy and empowerment, but also guides women on investment advice in order to help them shift from non-growth assets to growth assets like equity.

During her conversation with Her Circle, Rathi Gupta touched upon all the financial nitty-gritties that go into building a company from scratch. Of course, as an expert in finance, she is ideally placed to suggest everything that women entrepreneurs who are just starting out need to know about sustaining themselves and making their own stories as successful as Rathi Gupta’s. She didn’t hold back, and charted out every step women entrepreneurs today need to take, while also highlighting her hopes for the financial futures of all Indian women.

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