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Hamilton Lane Stock: Premium Not Justified (NASDAQ:HLNE)

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Hamilton Lane Stock: Premium Not Justified (NASDAQ:HLNE)

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Investment Thesis

At first glance, Hamilton Lane (NASDAQ:HLNE) seems like a real mastodon of the private capital markets. However, in terms of assets under management, the firm lags far behind the largest players in the industry. Despite the

Customized Separate Accounts. The company develops and forms customized portfolios of private markets funds and investments in accordance with the client’s risk profile, expected return and required liquidity. The firm charges clients annual asset-based fees on committed or net invested capital or net asset value. As part of this decision, the company manages $82 billion AUM. Specialized Funds. Hamilton Lane organizes and manages primary, secondary, and direct investment funds that invest in private equity, equity-linked, and credit funds. The firm charges investors management and incentive fees for fund management. Specialized funds account for about $25 billion of assets under management. Advisory Services. The company advises clients on asset allocation, develops strategic plans and investment policies, and reviews and recommends deals. Revenues from advisory services are generally annual fixed fees. The volume of assets under advice is $717 billion. Reporting and others. Hamilton Lane provides reporting, research, and analytical services to clients. Revenues from reporting services are annual fixed fees.

Alternative assets under management


Revenue structure

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Assets Under Management

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Fee-earning AUM

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HLNE’s Net IRR (10-K filing)

Blackstone's Net IRR

Blackstone’s Net IRR (10-K filing)

Carlyle Net IRR

Carlyle Net IRR (10-K filing)

The Streets expectations vs results

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Dividend history

Seeking Alpha

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