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Here Are All the Companies Adding a Fuel Surcharge

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Here Are All the Companies Adding a Fuel Surcharge

Anytime you think you’ve exceeded the price of gas, there’s bound to be more disappointment – as gas prices soar, companies that provide transportation and delivery of food are imposing fuel surcharges that, while temporary, have the potential to become permanent sexual.

Nearly a month after Russia launched an all-out strike against Ukraine, countries and businesses around the world have sent a strong anti-war message, sanctions and boycotts. But with much of the world reliant on Russian oil, the reaction to the country’s invasion of Ukraine has inevitably led to higher gas prices in several countries.

The price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States was $4.27 on Friday, according to the AAA. While down slightly from this week’s highs, it’s still about 11% higher than last week and more than 30% higher than last year.

To offset the extra cost for drivers, many delivery and transportation companies have been adding fuel surcharges.

These are some of the people who have done so in recent days:

Instant shopping cart:

The latest company to bite the bullet by adding a 40-cent “fuel surcharge” is Instacart; the grocery delivery platform announced Friday that it would increase the surcharge “to help offset the increased cost of gasoline next month.”

The surcharge will be visible in the price breakdown before choosing to accept the order and will take effect in the next few days.


Uber was one of the first major companies to introduce such surcharges (UBER) – Get Uber Technologies, Inc. Report It was announced Monday that it would add 45 or 55 cents to each ride and an additional 35 to 45 cents to each Uber Eats order.

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Prices vary based on factors such as location and length of travel, but 100% of the surcharge will be borne by the driver.

“Many people are feeling the sting of record-high gas station prices – drivers and couriers, of course,” the company said in a statement announcing the surcharge.

DoorDash UberEats GrubHub Lyft Leader


Swift follows Uber, Lyft (LYFT) – Get Lyft, Inc. Class A Reports Introduced its own $0.55 fuel surcharge to all trips for the next 60 days.

“This will help offset fuel costs, which will also help more drivers stay on the road,” the company said in a statement. For Uber and Lyft, some select states, including New York, are exempt from the surcharge for technical and legal reasons.

Lyft stressed that it was a temporary measure, but as the war in Ukraine and the ensuing humanitarian crisis got worse, some wondered whether gas prices would drop significantly in the short term.


Since the rising cost of oil also directly affects planes, many airlines have also started raising fuel surcharges (fluctuations in gasoline mean most airlines have been using it for at least a decade.)

AirAsia, which abolished the surcharge in 2018, re-imposed the surcharge on March 8. Emirates, Japan Airlines and Malaysia Airlines have also added or are about to increase fuel surcharges.

With the price of natural gas rising rapidly, many fear this is just the beginning, and companies in many different industries will soon be doing the same. We will naturally continue to update this list as more companies add surcharges.

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