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Huge Star Opening Las Vegas Strip Venue

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Huge Star Opening Las Vegas Strip Venue

Every big star is coming to Las Vegas (eventually).

Sin City makes it easy and cheap to make a lot of money without traveling, while staying in a luxury hotel with world-class dining options. While Las Vegas used to be largely known for tacky performers long past their prime, it currently includes Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Elton John and the The cast including Kuai U2 has been in the city for a long time.

The Las Vegas Strip has also become home to nearly every major DJ, with various Caesars Entertainment CZR and MGM Resorts International MGM venues hosting top talent at their clubs by night and pool/daytime clubs by day.

However, for some stars, just having a residency isn’t enough. Many big names – Kimmy Kimmel, Brad Garrett and Lisa Vanderpump to name a few – have opened iconic venues in Las Vegas on the Strip. The locations (Kimmel and Garrett’s comedy clubs, Vanderpump’s multiple bar lounges) follow the city’s celebrity restaurant trends.

Now, an even bigger star — actually one of the biggest in the world — has reportedly set up his site on the Las Vegas Strip.

Celebrities draw attention to Las Vegas

Some celebrity chefs in Las Vegas actually offer incredible dining experiences. For example, Gordon Ramsay may be famous, but his signature steakhouse at Caesars Paris Las Vegas offers a top-notch culinary experience. The same goes for restaurants like Bobby Flay’s Amalfi and those owned by Wolfgang Puck.

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Places named by Food Network celebrity Guy Fieri are not so common. Unlike other TV stars, Fieri’s restaurant seems more of a vulgar game of branding to lure visitors.

It’s not a bad strategy because Las Vegas, and most importantly, the Strip, has an incredible density of options. Attracting customers isn’t easy, and putting Fieri’s name on a marquee to get people through the door isn’t easy.

So, when a new venue is announced with a big-name celebrity behind it, you never know if you’re getting a passion project that the star really cares about, or a lucrative rental name situation.

Bruno Mars Lounge to Bellagio

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Bruno Mars has performed in Las Vegas several times as a solo performer and his Silk Sonic duo, and he appears to be opening one on the Strip. site.

“The global superstar could have chosen to open his namesake bar and lounge anywhere in the world, but he chose the Las Vegas Strip,” the paper reported. “According to two food and beverage industry insiders familiar with the project but not authorized to speak publicly about it, the location will be dubbed The Pinky Ring by Bruno Mars and will move into the Bellagio space currently occupied by Lily Bar & Lounge. “

Mars might be the perfect person to open a Las Vegas venue because he has a timeless quality and appeals to people of all ages. The singer is currently performing at Park MGM’s residency through August with his Silk Sonic partner, Anderson Paak.

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