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Huida launches a new graphics card with AI functions and cooperates with TSMC for production |

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Huida launches a new graphics card with AI functions and cooperates with TSMC for production |

Nvidia on Tuesday (20) unveiled a new flagship chip aimed at gamers that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance graphics, and said it has partnered with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (2330-TW) to produce graphics cards.

Huida CEO Huang Renxun introduced the latest GeForce RTX40 series graphics cards named after 19th century British mathematician and early pioneer of computer science “Ada Lovelace” in an online keynote speech on Tuesday.

The chip’s flagship model is the GeForce RTX 4090, priced at $1,599, and will be available on October 12. Two other, less expensive RTX 4080 models start at $899 and $1,199, respectively, and will be available in November.

Chips are designed by Huida, and production is handed over to partners. Jen-Hsun Huang said the chip will be produced by TSMC using its 4nm process technology, unlike the previous generation of flagship chips made by Samsung.

The new Lovelace chips use AI technology to improve video game graphics. Since it is quite difficult to calculate how each pixel on the screen should be rendered, Huida uses AI technology to predict the rendering of some pixels without doing the whole set of calculations. The Lovelace chip has extended this technology to generate the entire framerate of a game using AI technology.

At the press conference, Matt Wuebbling, head of global GeForce marketing at Huida, said that Lovelace chips will be sold globally and will not be affected by the recent US ban on the sale of Huida’s top data center AI chips to China.

Wuebbling also said that the new chips will not contain so-called hash rate limiters, a technology huida added to its previous-generation chips to limit its use in mining the cryptocurrency ether because of the currency’s Tracking methods have recently changed.

huida has been in the spotlight in recent years for its booming data center business, which sells artificial intelligence job chips for natural language processing, but the company’s roots remain on graphics chips (GPUs), which in its most recent fiscal year, GPUs still accounted for 59% of its $26.9 billion in revenue.

Before the time of writing, the stock price of Huida (NVDA-US) rose 0.15% during the session, and the share price was tentatively reported at $134.01.

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