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Humach Continues to Invest in Digital Agency Strategy, Adds Chief Product Officer

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Humach Continues to Invest in Digital Agency Strategy, Adds Chief Product Officer

Dallas –(Business Wire)–Humach (Human + Machine) is revolutionizing the way businesses engage, acquire and support customers by combining experienced human contact center agents with machine learning, digital agents to improve customer experience and automate transactions.

Humach is pleased to announce that Bruce Sharpe has joined the team as Digital Agency Chief Product Officer. In this new role, Bruce will serve as a key leader in the development of the next generation of innovative digital customer experience solutions for Fortune 2000 companies and venture-backed startups.

“Humach is focused on improving the customer journey while addressing payroll and attrition issues in today’s contact centers. Current labor shortages and advances in machine automation create an excellent opportunity to use digital agents to improve the customer experience. Bruce’s extensive experience in contact center technology Context will help our customers realize unprecedented business value,” said CEO Tim Houlne. “Bruce will work with our exceptional product teams and strategic partners so we can continue to drive customer sales and service forward.”

Prior to Humach, Bruce led the product teams at Routinify, Kebloom, TTEC, Humanify, and Ticketmaster, where he successfully delivered simple to complex product solutions that solved customer problems and leveraged artificial intelligence The field breaks new ground, with self-service and automation focused on customer experience. Bruce has also spent countless hours protecting these breakthrough technologies, creating a portfolio of over 40 domestic and over 70 international patents, with approximately 3 quarters of patents granted to date.

“I have followed Humach since the company’s inception. The philosophy and experience of leading the team aligns with my long-standing career passion for using technology to redefine the customer experience,” said Sharp.


Humach helps its clients find more innovative ways to attract, acquire and support their customers. By combining business intelligence, seasoned agents and machine automation, Humach is shifting the focus back to customers. The Dallas, Texas-based company provides best-in-class multi-channel contact center services by leveraging numerous patents spanning cloud-based scalable infrastructure. Humach provides contact center services to some of the world’s largest businesses. Visit www.humach.com for more information.

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