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Iconic Las Vegas Strip Casino Brings Back Gambling’s Past

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Iconic Las Vegas Strip Casino Brings Back Gambling’s Past

Slot machines are constantly evolving.

For decades, they were mechanical, with three familiar scrolls. Now, they’re largely digital, and some slot games don’t even look like their classic predecessors.

This enables all kinds of new games with bonus features, video inserts and more ways to make fun of players. With old-fashioned reel slots, you pull your arm and the game follows a predictable pattern to show whether you win or not. Now, digital slot machines and improved technology allow games to tease players even more.

For example, if you land two winning symbols, the third reel may spin longer, or even re-spin as the game teases, giving you a third winning symbol.

The game has changed, but some people are missing a key part of playing a slot machine that has almost completely disappeared: winning actual coins.

Back in a day not too long ago, players fed coins into machines, and a huge win involved the game spitting out coins that players were trying to collect in plastic cups.

The site has almost completely disappeared, replaced by paper vouchers. Now, you can slide cash into the slot machine in the form of a ticket, but winning or cashing out brings you a paper voucher that you have to cash out at the exchange machine or in the casino cage.

It’s arguably more convenient than lugging plastic buckets around, but it does away with the signature gold coin jingle that marks a big win for the casino.

Now, a casino on the Las Vegas Strip has doubled down on its efforts to bring back coin-operated slot machines.

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Circus Circus wants to challenge Caesar, MGM

In the 1990s, Circus Circus tried to label it as a family destination. It’s part of a broader effort to attract families in Las Vegas. The idea was that moms and dads could gamble at night after the kids were done with amusement park rides and watching circus shows.

This model appears to be where Sin City is headed, arguably a circus circus, a naturally family-friendly concept that’s more of an adult-only approach than the more adults-only approach run by Las Vegas Strip leader Caesars Entertainment. Advantage (CZR) – Get Caesars Entertainment Inc. Report and MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get the MGM Resorts International report.

Unfortunately, at least for Circus Circus, the ’90s effort to turn Las Vegas into a family destination failed. So the corporate concept built around circus shows and amusement park rides makes little sense in the new world of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” This makes the Circus Circus a neglected relic on the Las Vegas Strip.

But owner Phil Ruffin, who owns Treasure Island, wants to make his property more than attractive to families – it still uses the tagline “The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip is Your home entertainment destination”—and for gamblers who miss out on classic slot machines.

Circus Circus Brings Back Coin Slots

No casino operator can compete with Caesars or MGM by doing the same things as the two Las Vegas Strip leaders. Both companies own a range of properties that appeal to gamblers of all demographics. To compete, Circus Circus decided to do something different by bringing back Las Vegas’ past.

“Check out our classic slot machines! You can play $1 tokens at the main casino or try your luck at the Slots A Fun dorm,” the casino shared on its website.

“Magnificent 7’s – These classic 97.4% payback $1 slot machines are a favorite with locals and regulars alike. There are often $1,000 jackpots, and you can choose from vintage coin payouts or ​​Ticket in, Ticket out payouts.”

Circus Circus also recently added a $5 coin slot machine to its casino. No other hotel on the Strip offers classic coin-operated machines.

The return of the coin slot is part of an extensive renovation of the Las Vegas Strip hotel.

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