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Japan’s Sushiro reflects cost hike in October | Anue – Eurasian Shares

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Sushiro, a conveyor belt sushi chain, announced on Monday (9th) that it will increase the price of conveyor belt sushi in Japan from October 2022. It fell between 120 and 150 yen, with an increase of about 9 to 18 yen.

Food & Life Companies, the parent company of Sushiro, said it was difficult to continue supplying at low prices due to rising raw material and transportation costs, coupled with a weaker yen.

The company considers different rents and personnel costs in different parts of Japan, and the lowest price of the yellow market will be adjusted to varying degrees according to the classification of “suburban type”, “quasi-urban type” and “urban type”. For example, The tax-included price of yellow plates in “suburban” stores will be raised from the current 110 yen to 120 yen, while the prices of “quasi-urban” and “urban” yellow plates will also be raised to 130 yen and 150 yen respectively. Japanese yen. (Note: At present, the yellow plate of the quasi-urban storefront is 121 yen including tax, and the yellow plate of the urban storefront is 132 yen including tax)

In addition, from October this year, the red plate tax-included price of “suburban-type” stores will also be raised from 165 yen to 180 yen, and the black plate tax-included price will also be raised from 330 yen to 360 yen.

Koichi Mizutome, president of Food & Life Companies, said at a business strategy presentation held on Monday (9th) that the business environment is facing drastic changes, and at this moment, our business model must also be adjusted.

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