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Jayland Walker shooting: Police chief says he suffered at least 60 wounds in fatal police shooting, as authorities release bodycam footage

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Jayland Walker shooting: Police chief says he suffered at least 60 wounds in fatal police shooting, as authorities release bodycam footage

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) is still investigating the shooting.

According to Mylett, the eight officers opened fire after a vehicle chase and a short-footed pursuit, believing that Walker was turning towards them, reaching into his waist and “getting into firing position.”

Although the medical examiner’s report found Walker had at least 60 wounds, the medical examiner is still working to determine how many times he was shot and which wounds were entry and exit wounds, Mylett said. Mylett said the BCI has yet to confirm the number of times Walker was shot and still doesn’t know how many shots were fired by officers.

“However, based on the video, I would expect the number to be high,” he said. “A lot of bullets fired.”

The incident began around 12:30 a.m. last Monday when police said Walker fled as officers attempted a traffic stop for traffic and equipment violations. About 40 seconds after the chase began, police said a shot was fired in Walker’s car.

“It changes the whole nature of the transit station,” Mylett said Sunday. “It went from being a routine traffic stop to now being a public safety issue. And then the pursuit continues.”

After a few minutes, Walker got out of the car and fled on foot, police said. Police deployed Tasers but failed to subdue Walker, Mylett said.

The incident ended quickly, with Walker “stopping and turning quickly to the police,” according to the police timetable, who dropped their weapons. At the end of the released video, at least one officer can be heard shouting “cease fire”.

According to department policy, all eight officers Mylett said were “directly involved in the shooting” have been placed on paid administrative leave. According to information released by the city, seven of the officers are white and one is black.

The Walker family’s attorney, Ken Abbarno, said at a separate news conference Sunday that the video was “something that should never have been seen.”

“Every time I watch the video, it just gets worse for me,” Abano said. “Every movement I saw, every gunshot I heard, every time I saw Gerland lying on the ground, it became more and more terrifying.”

How the filming process unfolded

The video released by police included body camera footage from 13 officers at the scene.

According to police, the incident that led to the shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. when officers tried to stop Walker, who was driving a silver Buick, for violating traffic and equipment rules.

What we know about the fatal police shooting of Gerland Walker

About 40 seconds after Walker drove away from the police, “voices consistent with gunshots could be heard on the officers’ body cameras,” police said in a narrated video timeline of the incident. Police also said a “flash” could be seen on the driver’s side of the car when the sound was made.

Mylett said officers recovered a cartridge case near the scene of the attempted traffic jam, which “is consistent with the firearm Mr. Walker had in his car. The BCI will determine whether the cartridge came from a firearm.”

He added that traffic cameras captured “what we believe to be a muzzle flash from the car. Again, the BCI will determine if this is the case.”

Towards the end of the pursuit, some footage showed Walker’s silver car coming to a stop before he started to leave the driver’s side.

At least one officer yelled “show me your hand” and told him not to move. The video shows Walker getting back into the car and slowly moving forward. He was then seen walking out of the passenger side door and fleeing police.

The police account of the video said officers “attempted to detain the suspect safely by deploying their Taser” and showed a still image of an officer deploying a Taser. The narrator said that the Taser was unsuccessful and Walker continued to run.

Demonstrators protested Saturday's fatal police shooting of Gerland Walker in Akron, Ohio.

A video shows at least one officer yelling at Walker to raise his hand. The foot chase continued for several seconds, and at one point Walker “stopped and quickly turned to the pursuing officers,” the police account said. “The police responded by shooting and hitting the suspect.”

Dozens of shots were heard in seven seconds as police opened fire on Walker, numerous videos showed.

The shooting ended after at least one officer shouted “cease fire” three times.

At the request of the family, the image of Walker at the time of the shooting has been blurred, but in some footage he appears to be lying on the ground as the gunfire continues, police said.

Walker died of multiple gunshot wounds to the face, abdomen and thigh, CNN affiliate WEWS reported, citing findings from its media partner Akron Beacon Magazine.

The Wall Street Journal, which was granted permission to review the investigative worksheet in the medical examiner’s office, said it “shows that when a forensic investigator arrived at the scene of the shooting, Walker was observed lying on his back and in handcuffs.”

Police said a pistol and loaded magazine, along with a gold ring, were found in Walker’s car after the shooting.

Walker family calls for change

Walker’s family wants him to be remembered as a dynamic and playful young man, said Robert Dejournett, pastor of the Church of God in Christ in St. Ashworth Temple.

“We are God-fearing people who believe in God, and even in the process, we wanted to prove that,” Dejournett told CNN. “We don’t want any riots or anything like that.”

Dejournett said the family hopes the shooting will bring about change.

What Michigan prosecutors considered in charging decision over police killing of Patrick Leoya

“We want to embrace that, we want to use it to bring about systemic change,” Dejournett said. “We want to be treated like people, you know, black people, young people, when it comes to the police, they’re scared — that’s It shouldn’t be like this,” he said.

While the family wants answers from the police, they also want the public to “give peace, give dignity, give justice a chance — for Jalan,” the Walker family’s lawyer said after police released the video.

Another family lawyer, Bobby DiCello, said Walker “hasn’t broken the law for a single day in his life — never committed any crime”.

Walker’s actions on Monday “will show that he’s going through some pain, some fear,” DiSelo said.

Police union says use of force is justified

The Akron Police Union believes the actions of officers involved in the shooting were justified, “including the number of shots fired,” according to a statement released Sunday by the Akron Police Fraternity Cabin 7.

“The decision to deploy lethal force and the number of shots fired is consistent with use-of-force protocols and officer training,” the statement said.

The statement said each official was “fully cooperating” with the independent investigation conducted by the BCI.

Michigan police chief apologises after finding department used images of black people in targeting practice

Before the video was released, Akron officials asked the community to be patient, allow an investigation, and protest peacefully if they wanted to demonstrate.

“I’m not going to cut corners — the video you’re about to watch is heartbreaking and hard to swallow,” Mayor Dan Horrigan said at a news conference ahead of the video’s release.

The mayor acknowledged the right of Akron residents to protest. “But I hope the community can agree that violence and destruction are not the answer,” he said, calling for the demonstrations to remain peaceful.

“Please be patient and let the attorney general do their job,” he said.

City leaders emphasized that the footage was released under a new city ordinance that requires the release of footage documenting the use of force by active-duty police officers within seven days of the incident.

Myrit said the city welcomes peaceful protests, but is prepared if demonstrations turn violent.

“We have an operational plan to manage and provide safe spaces for people to protest in this city,” Mylett said. “If it becomes a situation that is no longer peaceful, we also have an action plan, and I’m not going to discuss any details. .”

CNN’s Polo Sandoval reported from Akron, Ohio, while Dakin Andone and Samantha Beech reported and wrote this story from New York. CNN’s Artemis Moshtaghian and Keith Allen contributed to this report.

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