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Kentucky Derby Keeps Tradition Going in ‘Run for the Roses’

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Kentucky Derby Keeps Tradition Going in 'Run for the Roses'

On May 17, 1875, a horse named Aristides crossed the finish line in front of 10,000 spectators to become the first winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Often referred to as “the most exciting two minutes in sports,” the game began with Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark, grandson of William Clark, who made Lewis and Clark famous.

Clark was inspired by the British Epson Derby and the Paris Grand Prix Longchamp to create a spectacular horse racing event in the US

“Running for the Rose”

On May 16, 1925, the first Internet radio broadcast of the Kentucky Derby aired, with approximately 5 to 6 million listeners listening to Flying Ebony winning the Derby.

That same year, Bill Corum, a sports columnist for the New York Evening News and The New York Daily News, coined a term to describe the Kentucky Derby: “Run for the Roses.”

On May 7 this year, more than 150,000 spectators are expected to flock to Churchill Downs to watch the 148th Kentucky Derby.

It’s an event steeped in tradition and known for very stylish women’s hats and more.

The Kentucky Derby is also the first leg of the Triple Crown, which also includes the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

‘Across generations’

“The Kentucky Derby is the only widely known horse race, and it’s the oldest sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875,” Live Sports Media: What, How, and Why It’s Sports Media. “

“That gives it a heritage and relevance that has been passed down from generation to generation,” he said. “Just like the Super Bowl is the most watched professional football game. It’s watched twice as much as any playoff or league title. So there are a lot of non-fans watching. The same goes for the Derby.”

Deninger said the tradition includes the thousands of Kentucky Derby parties that people throw across the country each year, including one that he throws himself.

“I expect this year’s Kentucky Derby to be a betting record,” he said. “The record $165.6 million was set in 2019, before the pandemic. Now, with sports betting legalized in some form or another in 30 states, the chances are even greater.”

Deninger added that the national advertising campaign that sportsbooks are running is raising awareness among potential bettors.

“Coming Out Party”

He said the Kentucky Derby was “largely a ‘coming out party’ with a three-year-old horse.

“Which ones will become stars, names that will be remembered for decades?” Denninger said. “That’s part of the charm. If a horse doesn’t win the Kentucky Derby first, it can’t win the Triple Crown.”

According to Sports Illustrated’s Frankie Tadio, this year’s top contenders include Zandon at 3-1, Epicenter at 7-2, Messier at 8-1 and Mo Donegal at 10-1.

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So what do the stats tell us about the Kentucky Derby title?

Time2play analyzed the most common characteristics of Kentucky Derby winners over the past 30 years and found that compared to 28 pony winners, only two horses won the race.

No colt has won in the past 30 years, and only three in the entire race’s history, so it would be big news if the colt took first place on Saturday, the company said.

Numbers say…

Half of the Kentucky Derby winners since 1992 have been reddish-brown, known as the bay, while sorrel comes in second, with only three horses grey.

Time2play said that with 21 of the last 30 winning horses born in Kentucky, no other state in the league comes close to producing as many winners.

Perhaps the most shocking trend in the data is that only 30% of the favorite teams have won games, Time2play said.

Over the past 30 years, only 9 of the 30 winners have been favorites on race morning.

While this suggests that betting on hotshots can be a risky business, there may be some good news here.

“Justify is the last favorite of 2018,” Time2play said. “That means, if three of the 10 favourites win and we’re into our fourth year without one – maybe it’s time?”

Justify, a sorrel stallion and descendant of Triple Crown winner Seattle Slew, became the 13th and most recent Triple Crown winner in 2018 and retired undefeated – just like Seattle Slew .

“They’re gone!”

Now let’s talk about positioning. Many horse racing fans truly believe that starting position can make or break a race.

As a rule, the higher the number, the harder the challenge, and the 16th position has produced the most winners over the past 30 years, Time2Play said. The average winning time was 2:04⅖, still behind the Secretariat’s record of 1:59⅖ set in 1973.

And finally the jockey.

Time2Play says the average age of a jockey in the Kentucky Derby over the past 30 years is 36.

The three most successful jockeys in the company’s numbers are Calvin Borel, John R. Velazquez and Kent Desormeaux – all of whom have won three derbies each since 1992.

So, statistically, the horse most likely to win the Kentucky Derby is a bluegrass state-born bay color colt with a starting position of 16, followed by a 5, a jockey around 36 years old and can run 1 ¼ in less than 2 :04 miles of track.

do you understand? OK Grab your hat now.

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