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Kim And Kanye Reach Divorce Settlement: Here’s What To Know

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Kim And Kanye Reach Divorce Settlement: Here’s What To Know

Top line

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have agreed to a divorce settlement, according to a court filing made on Tuesday, avoiding a potentially ugly court battle over the custody of their children.

Key Facts

As part of the proposed settlement, West has agreed to pay $200,000 per month in child support, while neither will have to pay spousal support to the other, the Associated Press reported, citing court filings.

West and Kardashian will retain joint custody of their four children as per the agreement.

Both have also agreed to equally divide the cost of their children’s private school and college education and their private security expenses.

The proposed settlement will now require approval from Los Angeles Superior Court judge Steve Cochran.

Prior to the settlement, their case was scheduled to go to trial on December 14.

In March, Cochran declared Kardashian as legally single following her request, officially ending her eight-year marriage with West.

Forbes Valuation

When Kardashian filed for divorce back in February 2021, both individuals had combined assets worth $2.1 billion. At the time, West was the richer of the two with a net worth of $1.3 billion while Kardashian had a net worth of $780 million. Both have seen their fortunes shift dramatically since then. Forbes reported that Kardashian officially became a billionaire in April 2021 and her current net worth stands at $1.8 billion. West, who has been embroiled in multiple controversies over the past few months, lost his billionaire status last month after sports apparel giant Adidas cut ties with the rapper. West’s current net worth stands at $400 million. As of February last year, West and Kardashian held $70 million in joint assets including multiple homes, pieces of art, vehicles, jewelry and even livestock. The status of these assets is unclear.

Key Background

In the past few months, West’s actions have been subject to significant backlash as he has publicly embraced and spouted several antisemitic statements and conspiracy theories and is increasingly being embraced by the far-right. Several companies swiftly cut ties with the rapper and former billionaire after he made a series of antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews. In an unaired segment of his interview with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson last month, West made several bizarre claims about his children. West claimed “fake children” had been put in his home to manipulate and “sexualize” his four children. Kardashian, who has largely remained silent through this controversy, issued a statement on social media condemning antisemitism without mentioning West.

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