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Las Vegas Gets a Huge Sporting Event (Along With the Super Bowl)

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Controversial Las Vegas Strip Casino Operator May Make a Big Change

Just a few years ago, professional sports largely ignored Las Vegas. The National Basketball Association hosts summer leagues in Sin City, but most players aren’t rich enough to get into too much trouble (the outcome of the game doesn’t matter, so betting isn’t a big deal).

When the Supreme Court made sports betting an option for any state, some of the reasons to avoid Las Vegas disappeared.

However, the city still has its fair share of temptations, making it an ideal place for fans to watch sporting events, and perhaps still an adventurous place.That didn’t stop the Golden Knights from entering the T-Mobile Arena, right in the heart of the fabled Las Vegas Strip, within walking distance of numerous Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International (MGM) – Get the MGM Resorts International report Hotels and Casinos.

The former Oakland Raiders followed the Golden Knights to Las Vegas. While their home, Allegiant Stadium, isn’t on the street, NFL games have been a boon for casinos (and not just those owned by Caesars and MGM).

Now that Vegas has become a premier sports destination, an NBA-ready arena is being built, and the Oakland A’s are considering at least five different properties on or near the Las Vegas Strip to build one New stadium.

Las Vegas has already won the Super Bowl, but another massive global sporting event could beat the NFL.

Las Vegas gets Super Bowl

Generally speaking, when an NFL team in a major market with the infrastructure to host the Super Bowl gets a new stadium, the NFL brings the Super Bowl to that city within five years. Las Vegas certainly has the infrastructure, but it never seemed certain that the league would put its most important game — one watched by hundreds of millions around the world — in a city known for its excesses.

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However, the league decided to do so, and Super Bowl LVII will take place at Allegiant Stadium on February 11, 2024.

“From the moment Allegiant Stadium was approved, we knew it was only a matter of time before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. We couldn’t be happier with today’s announcement,” said Murray Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee Chairman Gallagher said. “Las Vegas has made everything bigger and brighter, and this committee looks forward to creating a unique and exciting experience for fans, players and staff.”

Bigger and brighter for sure, but probably not enough to close the Strip, which could happen in 2023.

F1 comes to the Las Vegas Strip

Formula 1 or F1 may not be as big in America as the rest of the world, but it has a massive following. A racing league with open single-seater cars does most of the race on the track. However, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, some are taking place on open roads, and the upcoming Formula 1 race on parts of the Las Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Strip) is about to take place. held.

“The plan is to temporarily include riders racing in and around the Las Vegas Strip, including the area around the Bellagio and further north. Parts of the Strip will be temporarily closed to host the race,” commented The magazine’s Mick Akers wrote. “Earlier this year, the same person pointed out that the race will not be a one-off and that the Las Vegas race is likely to become F1’s flagship race in the United States.”

Because F1 already has a schedule planned for 2022, the earliest race could be in 2023 – beating the Super Bowl.

In the early 1980s, Caesars once hosted an F1 race in its car park.

The annual F1 race will be a huge boost for Caesars and MGM, which control most of the major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The race is likely to attract international audiences as well as American F1 fans.

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