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Learn about the startups strategic liquidity investors are looking for at TC Conference: Liquidity – TechCrunch

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Learn about the startups strategic liquidity investors are looking for at TC Conference: Liquidity – TechCrunch

Scaling a self-driving car or electric vehicle startup often requires jaw-dropping capital, and only hedge funds, strategic venture capital firms and institutional investors have the appetite and capital.

Over the past two years, those capital needs have prompted dozens of mobility startups to turn to public markets or deep-pocketed hedge funds and the venture capital arms of automakers and suppliers. Arrival, Canoo, Faraday Future, Lucid Group, Luminar Technologies and Nikola are just a few companies to go public through mergers with special purpose acquisition companies, while Rivian and TuSimple have gone the traditional IPO route. Other startups, perhaps not quite ready for that stage, turned to General Motors, Toyota’s Woven Capital and BMW Ventures — to name a few — in an effort to forge partnerships that would help them scale.

But what are these strategic investors, hedge fund managers and institutional investors looking for? Our goal is to find out on May 18-19 at TechCrunch: Mobility, a two-day in-person event that, like previous years, will bring together the best and brightest to discuss transportation Future challenges and opportunities.

We’re reaching out to some of the most active hedge funds, institutional and strategic investors in transportation for answers.

With so many market variables at play—not the least of which is the ongoing global pandemic—we can all use healthy insights and perspectives. That’s why we’re excited to announce that John Du (GM Ventures), Taylor Ogan (Snowbull Capital) and Trina Pelt (Intel Capital) will be on the TC Mobility stage for a panel discussion on strategic opportunities for startups.

John Du is a partner at GM Ventures, which has invested in Envisics, GeoDigital and Nauto, among others. Du also serves as Chief Technology Officer for General Motors China. Before becoming a partner, Mr. Du served as the Director of the China Science Laboratory, GM’s R&D organization, since its inception in 2009. He has built a strong innovative research team and has led the development of intelligent and connected vehicles, batteries, advanced materials and electrified propulsion systems.

Taylor Ogan is CEO of Snowbull Capital, a green and high-tech hedge fund that invests in companies focused on improving the environment and increasing urban efficiency through technological advancement. His areas of interest include self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, batteries and electric vehicles.

Trina Van Pelt is Intel Capital’s Vice President and Senior Managing Director and a voting member of its Investment Committee. Her areas of focus include growth and venture capital in intelligent edge, enterprise SaaS, artificial intelligence and urban mobility.

Van Pelt currently serves on the boards of five growth-stage portfolio companies and has over 25 years of experience in a broad range of global technology acquisitions and investments.

Don’t miss this important discussion as these professional VCs reflect on how investment strategies have changed during the pandemic, how they are shifting today and what transportation startups should prepare for the capital markets of the future.

TC Conference: Mobility 2022 Break the hype and look beyond the headlines to discover how converging technology and transportation will impact a wide range of industries, cities and the people who work and live in them. Sign up now and reserve your seat before prices go up next week!

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