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Like McDonald’s, Burger King Has a Secret Menu (Mustard Whopper?)

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Like McDonald’s, Burger King Has a Secret Menu (Mustard Whopper?)

The secret menu has become, well, no secret.McDonald’s (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation ReportFor example, it takes the former secret menu and offers some of the most popular items in the regular menu.

Here’s what Starbucks thinks (SBUX) – Get the Starbucks Corporation Report It’s been accepted, and the chain has moved some once-secret items to its regular menu. It’s a fan-friendly move in that it takes something that’s being ordered, gives it an official recipe, and makes it available to everyone — not just the secret people.

Almost every fast food restaurant has a secret menu. These include items that the restaurant has ingredients for which are not listed on the actual menu. At Starbucks, people create their own drinks, while McDonald’s secret menus often involve people combining food into something new.

Who knows why anyone would want a cheeseburger with filet mignon, but McDonald’s customers keep creating something like this. Secret menu items may vary. In the McDonald’s example, customers order from the menu and then assemble their own secret menu items, while Starbucks customers sometimes simply order drinks that aren’t actually on the menu.

Burger King embraces creativity with its endless Whopper variations and also has a secret menu. It’s not as public as McDonald’s secret menu, but it’s there and you can order.

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What’s on Burger King’s Secret Menu?

Burger King hasn’t disclosed its secret menu items like McDonald’s, but people in the know can still order. Like all secret menus, there are no actual rules here. You can order by name from a secret menu and the people waiting for you are blank.

Staff are not trained on these items, so you may not be able to order them by name, however, you should be able to order them by specifying what you want from Restaurant Brands International (QSR) – Get the Restaurant Brands International Inc. report chain.

BK BLT: This one is easy because all you have to do is ask for bacon on a Whopper or Whopper Jr. BK Ham and Cheese: Burger King used to offer a ham and cheese sandwich on the long roll it used to sell its classic chicken sandwich. Now you can customize your order by requesting ham and cheese on the bread of your choice. Frings: Burger King has French fries, it sells onion rings. If you ask well, the fast food chain will give you a half order. Mustard Whopper: Burger King itself offers a lot of different Whopper variants, but that hasn’t stopped customers from creating their own. The Mustard Whopper adds mustard instead of mayonnaise to a classic sandwich (though you can also opt for both). Suicide Burger: Perhaps the most famous item on Burger King’s secret menu, the Suicide Burger is built on the chain’s Triple Stacker (available only in certain locations. To make a suicide burger, order a sandwich that includes four burger patties) , four slices of cheese, bacon, and a special sauce, Rodeo Burger: Just top the burger with a few onion rings and BBQ sauce.

Why does Burger King have a secret menu?

Secret menus make those in the know feel like they have some special knowledge. For the chain, this creates a fan club-like mentality, allowing customers to develop a stronger connection with the brand. People who don’t know the secret menu can easily learn about it, so it’s an exclusive club that just about anyone can enter.

The secret menu creates problems. Someone might order a “purple drink” at Starbucks and not get what they expect because there is no official recipe, but that’s not a problem when customers specify what they want.

Burger King may not officially recognize these items, but if you tell the person at the counter what you want, they will make it for you.

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