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Live Election Updates: Morning turnout low as primary heads toward the afternoon

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Live Election Updates: Morning turnout low as primary heads toward the afternoon

12:40 pm – Do endorsements really matter? For some voters in the 12th District, they were decisive.

Leslie Gold said The New York Times’ endorsement of Jerry Nadler helped her parse out the differences between the longtime representative and his longtime colleague Carolyn Maloney in the newly drawn district. And while newcomer Suraj Patel campaigned on the promise of new ideas and energy, Gold said she valued Nadler’s seniority.

“I want a powerful person who has sway representing my district,” she said outside the Robert Wagner Middle School Tuesday, noting Nadler’s chairmanship of the House judiciary Committee — a role that gave him star power during the Trump impeachment proceedings.

“I didn’t know how to distinguish them and I think the Times endorsement was important to me because it really laid out the ways that they’re different,” Gold said. “I would love to vote for someone younger. I know Suraj Patel is also in the primary but it’s a double edged sword because he has no experience.”

Gold’s neighbor, Michelle Bornstein, said she too leaned on the Times endorsement, as well as that of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in helping her decode to vote for Nadler.

“It helped a little bit to be honest, because we’ve sort of been back and forth about this for a long time,” Bornstein said, adding she and her daughter read the Times endorsement together.

“I was actually in the Maloney camp for a long time and my daughter was in the Nadler camp,” she said. “With a local candidate — number one — I want to know they’re invested in this city and they’re not here as a stepping stone for a bigger office somewhere else.”

11:30 am – Voters trickled into a polling site in the Park Slope armory in the heart of brownstone Brooklyn throughout the morning, some agonizing over which candidate to select in the crowded, wide-open race for the 10th Congressional District.

“They all sound good to me so it was a little tricky,” said Tylor Robinson, 30, although he ended up picking Rep. Mondaire Jones, who currently represents another district, after he learned of endorsements by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey.

Others mentioned being swayed to Manhattan Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou by an endorsement from the Working Families Party, and to Manhattan Councilmember Carlina Rivera by the New York League of Conservation Voters.

Sabine Horner, 40, said her motivation at the polls was decided less by who she wanted to win and more by who she didn’t want to.

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