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Macy’s Has Big Plans for a Beloved Classic Brand

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Macy’s Has Big Plans for a Beloved Classic Brand

With much of the country sweltering in record heat, most people are unlikely to even think about back-to-school sales, let alone Christmas shopping.

But stressed brick-and-mortar retailers are forced to do so, even as they face a daunting set of challenges.

In addition to chronic troubles in online shopping and delivery, retailers are facing supply chain woes, staffing challenges, the highest inflation in 40 years and rising interest rates that make inventory decisions more challenging.

The battle for the big retailers is long and hard. JC Penney filed for bankruptcy in early 2020, not even because of the pandemic, but decades in the making. The retail giant isn’t retooling their inventory to attract customers and keep up with what and how customers want to shop. For now, JC Penney’s restructuring keeps it going.

Sears and Kmart have also struggled to stay relevant.They are now part of a parent company, Sears Holdings (SHLDQ) Both are the two shelves they used to be. One might argue that Sears was outlawed by its former CEO, Eddie Lampert, who was responsible for its eventual demise. Others might argue that the demise of both retailers is in the offing.

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Kohl’s (KSS) – Get Kohl’s Corporation Report On the verge of sale to a franchise group of companies. (FRG) – Get Franchise Group Inc. Report When it abruptly broke off talks about a purchase, it cited volatile markets as a reason. Instead, they had to come up with a new strategy to attract customers. In one case, they launched Discover @ Kohl’s, where they will focus on certain brands and shopping topics at different times of the year.

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Target (TGT) – Get Target Company Report Is a department store that can not only keep up with the times, but also do well in the competition with Amazon (AMZN) – Get Amazon.com Inc. Report start up. Recently, Target participated in Amazon Prime Days through their Target Deal Days.

Then there’s Macy’s.

The long-established retailer has a different idea, both sending back to school and getting ready for the season of giving and shopping.

Macy’s (M) – Get Macy’s, Inc. report They’re already working on their back-to-school specials, but don’t let that confuse you. They are also preparing for the holidays. Macy’s is banking on nostalgia to help them this year by partnering with the Toys R Us brand left over from the retailer’s bankruptcy a few years ago.

The new Toys R Us division will hit every Macy’s store in mid-October. The promotion of Toys R Us in its regular stores allows Macy’s to attract customers who know they can shop for adults and children at home in one place during the holidays.

Shoppers will be able to take photos with Jeffrey the life-size giraffe for a Toys R Us shopping experience. The hands-on experience with the toy will be an opportunity to stop, shop, and try something new for Macy’s. If you like, please try it before buying. Many toys try to provide this by pressing a button while the toy is still in the package. According to the company, it will be more of a hands-on experience. Known as “Toys R Us,” Macy’s toy section could reach 10,000 square feet in its largest store.

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