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Make The Ride More Enjoyable Because The Ride Is All There Is

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Make The Ride More Enjoyable Because The Ride Is All There Is

I recently got a message from a reader, Courtney, who reacted to an article I wrote a few years ago called “Advice for Millennials from Retirees.” Readers praised what she called “a father’s advice,” explaining that she’s a millennial, single, working full-time, and raising two sons. “I don’t know how far my hopes and dreams for a better future have faded,” she wrote, but she then wrote that my article rekindled some of her and her son’s future dreams.

These words mean a lot to me as a writer, especially to an older person like me. At this point in my life, legacy is what fascinates me, that is, what I can leave behind to make my life meaningful. I was naturally struck by Courtney’s words.

Millennials have a tough start

I don’t know Courtney’s story, but it’s clear there’s a spark lurking in her. It’s not hard to see why she’s disappointed, perhaps desperate for the future. As I wrote at the time, she and her peers were born in the 90s and lived through 9/11, the Great Recession, and the COVID pandemic before turning 30. Many are saddled with college debt and, until recently, struggled to find a job.

For me, even though I don’t enjoy a privileged life, I have the security of a family that I know will be by my side. As a young man, I was given opportunities and freedom to make decisions that admittedly weren’t always the best. I went through many disturbing times, including war, civil unrest and personal anxiety.

At the same time, I can’t explain why, for me, the glass is always half full. Is it from my parents? My upbringing? My personal observation? I have no idea. Does this attitude help me? Absolutely. While it may or may not affect what actually happens in my life, it does make riding a lot more enjoyable. As the title of this post says, riding is everything.

bring other people on your journey

To repeat, for me “riding is everything.” This is not against any religious or spiritual beliefs. Quite simply, the life we ​​live is all we really know. We don’t know anything else after or before, so it’s all guesswork or belief. The lives we live are well known. We know the history and maybe even the future. But of course we don’t know the end or what comes after.

I’ve been taught that when you let go of your goals and dreams, you’re almost certainly going to get negative results. Of course, accidents can happen. But that’s not what I can count on. So I reminded myself that there would be a tomorrow, the sun would rise, the earth would spin, and when I woke up, I was back here trying to make sense of it all. I try to get rid of these little annoyances (as the saying goes, “they’re all little annoyances”). I try to think as positively as I can and be with other people who have these bright prospects. But most of all, I try not to forget those who are desperate. My goal is to bring them on my rides because the ride is more enjoyable when you’re with me.

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