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Maverick City Music’s Naomi Raine On Learning To ‘Step Into New Seasons Gracefully’

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Maverick City Music’s Naomi Raine On Learning To ‘Step Into New Seasons Gracefully’

Mental health struggles can be sneaky when things seem, at least from the outside, to be on the right track. Such is the case with Naomi Raine, the rising star of Grammy-winning cult group Maverick City Music, who chronicles her experiences last year on her new debut solo album, aptly titled The Journey.

“I think it was Biggie who said, ‘More money, more problems.’ Sometimes we believe that when you’re successful, that’s the answer to all your problems, and mistakenly put our finances and our The state of things in terms of reaching the goals is to blame for why we’re unhappy. I just don’t think it’s accurate,” Wren said.

“When I was struggling to pay the bills, I thought that was the problem. Now I realize that most wounds, money can’t heal. When you get to a certain location and your dreams come true and you think you found the answer you thought the problem was You actually have to take a step back and look at it again and realize it’s mostly just some internal character stuff and spiritual stuff. You have to learn how to go into the new season gracefully.”

Ryan’s depression manifested in several ways.

“I was in bed. When I got home, I was in bed. It took me a lot of time to drag myself out. I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. At that point, the normal thing was just exhausting,” she said. Say. “I wanted to drink. A lot. At one point, I realized, this could be two weeks, and I’m drinking every night. And I don’t drink with people, I drink alone. I thought, ‘Well, this has gone from Socializing and having fun turned into me needing to drink to go to bed. It’s not something I really want to admit, even to myself.”

Encouraged by a caring friend, she embarked on some deep introspection. “A lot has changed. I just recently had more success at Maverick City, which is great, but some of our relationships have changed because of it, and some of it has changed out of my control. Like, some People don’t want to be my friends. I also have to be out and about more often and deal with transitioning and readjusting home and family life, which is difficult.”

Ultimately, her inner journey has brought her back to music, not only the music she’s worked with with Maverick City, but the songs she’s been writing for over five years herself. Songs are starting to pour out now, their lyrics soaked in vulnerability. Single Not Ready was one of her first songs from her comeback. “I just prayed for me to write from where I was, and when that happened, I was like, ‘Oh, I have to launch Journey,'” she said.

“I’ve been thinking about working alone, but I just do it when it comes up,” Raine adds. “Songs have evolved a lot and some I have had to repurpose and repurpose the sound. Now I have more of a story. I know more about where I am, and as I develop, I have more development.”

Raine said she was surprised to find the album resonated with many fans in addition to being a personal catharsis.

“I think people think of me more like, ‘I don’t understand this. Why are you doing this?’ But people say, ‘This is exactly what I’m going through. I can understand that. Thank you so much for being vulnerable , thank you for being honest, thank you for being real. I was overwhelmed by the reaction because I just didn’t…I didn’t know everyone was going to be there,” she said.

“Most of my fan base are Christians, and I think that sometimes Christians, we don’t have the grace of humanity. I don’t think God just created our souls. He made us human, so I think making us human is It’s important. I’m a good robot. I’m able to do the right things and still feel bad. But now I have a piece that I didn’t have before. I’m free, like the real thing, and I’m very good to me it is good.”

While she’s not 100 percent free from mental health issues, Wren says, “I’m in great shape now, reaching 88 or 92.” Some of this stemmed from more focused health habits, first during her first Wake up purposefully away from social media.

“I wait at least two hours because it distracts me. The first thing I do is pray. I say three to five things I am grateful for. Gratitude is important. My team’s morning meeting. This helps me, its a routine. That was when I was on tour. Before that, I was taking a walk and just letting nature in – birds chirping, greenery, smelling Morning dew. It’s all too good for me.”

Another key anchor is connection. “I started to strengthen my friendships and not be so isolated. I called my friends and asked ‘how are you? I became super isolated and only talked to people when I was at work or when they needed something from me. I stopped A lot and starting to really become a person and a friend.”

Hollywood and the Mind is a recurring column that lives at the intersection of entertainment and well-being, interviewing musicians, actors, athletes and other cultural influencers who are expanding conversations and actions around mental health.

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